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'The Bat and Balloon War' review

Charles EP M.

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However it is known that strategic bombing did not have the strategic effects that its proponents wanted. Whether bat or balloon-based weapons would have been as effective as Snedeker describes them is unknown. I can certainly see these weapons causing frustrating localized effects, particularly in one variant involving counterfeit currency.
I do wonder now if this would've been semi-effective - or could be written that way in fiction, anyway - versus IRL bombing campaigns because at least you can shoot down an RAF bomber plane and say We're Making Them Pay. How the hell do you fight back against bats? And if you can, is it a way that makes it look heroic and tub-thumping so people don't go "the British are setting our cities on fire with their pets and some balloons, what happens when they start sending planes over"? Morale among the Luftwaffe must surely plummet!