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Serial Saturday: Down South in the Service of the Queen - Chapter the Fifth


Because Exponentials
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Entertaining and informative as always.

But is it missing the fifth footnote?

Edit: Actually I think the footnote is there, but is just missing its label.

David Flin

Voila, a viola.
Footnote 5 has, indeed, gone yomping off into the sunset.

I've located it and brought it back to base.

Footnote 5:
MacDonald Fraser describes a similar incident in Quartered Safe Out Here (highly recommended), and I can verify that 40 years on, that tradition was still going strong. And believe me, you do take it in good humour. It's meant in good humour, and you really don't want to get into an argument with them. Incidentally, their tea in Nepal is even worse than described here, because Nepal is at a high altitude. As a result, the air pressure is significantly lower than at sea level, and therefore water boils at a lower temperature, and the tea isn’t brewed properly. But the Gurkha loves it.


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Ah - just the number 5 missing. Almost certainly due to an incompetent editor; fixed.