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Sarawak, Malaya, and Indonesia


Am I reading things right that if Sarawak had remained independent post-war Singapore likely wouldn't have joined with the Federation of Malaya, or more correctly the Federation not join with Singapore as the Chinese population would be considered too large?
This is quite likely; Sabah and Sarawak were added to appease those wary of excessive Chinese representation in the Federation.
Excellent. Just to pick your brains some more what were the Federation's relations with Indonesia generally like prior to the Kronfrontasi? I'm assuming that Sukarno would be even more narked off by a continuing Kingdom of Sarawak and push ahead with it, which raises the question of the Federation's stance if they're not directly involved.
Sukarno had long been fomenting ideas of Greater Indonesia, even since his days of collaborating with the Japanese so on a personal level I think he wouldn’t have liked Malaya being a British satellite any which way.
The general idea was what might shake out from the Kingdom of Sarawak remaining independent thanks to Anthony Brooke becoming Rajah when his uncle Charles abdicates and retires to the UK rather than it becoming a Crown colony. Sabah and Labuan likely get bolted on to it rather than join the Federation of Malaysia. As you've confirmed the Federation of Malaya is unlikely to want to join with Singapore as it would be seen as too Chinese.

That brings us to Indonesia. Since Sukarno has been thinking of a Greater Indonesia and opposed even Malaya owning part of Borneo I'm guessing a Kingdom headed by a Westerner is going to really annoy him so roll on the Konfrontasi. Singapore gets dragged in simply by dint of the British military bases situated there, Malaya however whilst targeted by the idea of Greater Indonesia might not be directly involved. That's why I was wondering what Malaya-Indonesia relations were like to try and see where they'd stand in things and what sort of course they'd try to chart.

Tom Colton



If OTL is any guide, expect terrorist bombings in mainland Malaya as well then McDonald House Bombing.
Oh yeah, that was incredibly dumb. Here however with no union that's just a bombing of Singapore. Even with Greater Indonesia including them does Malaya try to just keep their head down and hope that the Sarawakians/British take care of things, come out on the side of Sarawak, try and chart a middle path, or something else entirely? If they do stay out of things would Sukarno be stupid enough, regarding them as still too pro-British or out of not with me against me feeling, to authorise bombings on the peninsula? Got some reading to do.