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'Ruled Britannia' review

Charles EP M.

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I had that one, I distinctly remember liking the ending where
Shakespeare asks Elizabeth for permission to perform the Spanish propaganda play because it was still a good play and hard work had been put into it

And all the points for noting kids reading out bits of Shakespeare plays is a bloody terrible way to learn them. I've seen people here mock Macbeth On The Estate but that being shown in Year 9 English meant I could see the lines being performed.


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Nu Yawk
I'm wondering if this worked as well as it did because it was A: Closer to Turtledove's older history "comfort zone" than the more modern works, while B: Still something a lot of people would know (they know who Shakespeare was, and I know my children's books on the sea included the Spanish Armada as part of a few classic battles[1])

[1]The others were Salamis and Midway, make of that what you will.