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Reviews - Those in Peril, by Theogony Books, edited by Chris Kennedy and James Young


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Once again thanks to @AndyC for putting this up on the blog. This is the first in a planned trilogy of Alternate History anthologies with a military history focus. Those in Peril is naval warfare, the second is air warfare (it's just been released, the name escapes me) and the third will be ground warfare.

The second anthology is on my long-list to review when I dip back into reviewing AH, as Those in Peril is a solid anthology that doesn't just focus on the Second World War. There are a few creaky stories, as with almost any anthology, but this also has psychics in the Pacific Theatre, piratical empire-building, a rather interesting take on the USS Maine not sinking in Cuba and the subsequent results of that, and a tense story in For a Few Camels More, which sees a Vichy French convoy commander trying to fend off an American-backed mercenary Japanese submarine captain off the coast of Indochina.

There's also a delightfully insane story that sees the joint USN-IJN fleets take on the Uber-Kriegsmarine in an absolutely gigantic fleet battle in late 1942, so if you ever wanted to see the Yamato and Iowa take on the Bismarck and Tirpitz then this is your book.