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Review - The Plot Against America


Nothing ever ends
Published by SLP
I've only watched the first episode so far, and I was concerned that the series would make the same mistake as the book and go for a second-order counterfactual. I'm reassured to know that it actually ends on a more ambiguous note.

John Turturro's performance is impressive; a lesser actor would have made such a character merely hateable, but he brings out the tragic poignancy of someone who gets tricked into betraying everything he cares for, and ultimately himself.


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Published by SLP
The best moment, at least in "dear god this is so scary", for me is when the Rabi speaks before a crowd and back at the home they are wondering what Jew would vote for Lindbergh. "What? This is not about us! This is making people unsure if they can vote for this nazi that he is kosher! Look he had a Jew speak on his behalf he cannot be anti-Semitic."


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Published by SLP
John Turturro's performance is one of the best I have seen on TV for years. Soft-spoken, believing in what he says, until it all goes wrong. He carries off the snub by Lindbergh at the von Ribbentropp White House ball with heartbreaking grace.