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Public Enemy, a comedy(!) set shortly after the Catalan Referendum of 2017

Simon Brading

Full time sleepwalker
Published by SLP
On 1st October 2017 the Catalans went to the poles to vote on independence from Spain.
The Spanish government didn’t like that very much and tried everything they could to stop it. Among other things, they sent thousands of police officers who attacked voters and broke down doors in an attempt to take the ballot boxes and close the polling stations.
The Catalans didn’t like that very much and tried everything they could to go ahead, like peacefully resisting and hiding ballot boxes.
2 million people ended up being able to vote and the result was overwhelmingly in favour of independence.
Which the Spanish government didn’t like.
In the weeks and months that followed there were strikes and demonstrations on a daily basis in Catalunya and for a long time it seemed that all that was needed to set off an actual revolution was for a leader to emerge.
Peter Brown was a loser and couldn’t lead a conga line, let alone a revolution. However, after he gets caught up in a riot in Barcelona, shortly after the referendum, that’s exactly what the whole world seems to think he’s doing.

Public Enemy is the new book by Simon Brading and is available from Amazon in Paperback and Ebook.

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