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Prime Minister Boris, and other things that ... happened?

Glad somebody pointed out the daftness of it.

Then there was the one where the titular 'never happened' PM in question was the then current Leader of the Opposition.

Dale almost certainly hopes that all the title people do become PMs so he can get a boost in sales as a result.
But what is Johnson’s Brexit withdrawal plan? We don’t know.
Even OTL Boris doesn't know what his withdrawal plan was, so that part rings true.

Mayer decides to split the story into two timelines ala Sliding Doors
Note that Sliding Doors was itself the lighter and fluffier version of Blind Chance, about a man in late Communist Poland whose life will take a different turn whether he makes it to the train or not.
That one was weirder because it's the same writer arbitrarily altering how competent Johnson is to winkingly cover his bases (while still clearly disliking the man), whereas with Corbyn they got two different writers. Though that makes it more obviously cynical

Point. I do think there are a few essays spread throughout that series in different collections which cover the same subject. Might be interesting to compare them but soon going to be putting them all in storage (why, yes, I do have President Gore).
Even OTL Boris doesn't know what his withdrawal plan was, so that part rings true.

Yes, at risk of breaking laws about discussing current politics here, I think this is one reason why these alternatives got so much 'right'.

Johnson in fact created his own 'Sliding Doors' moment when he prepared two speeches, one supporting Brexit and one supporting remaining. Him coming in on the side of Remain is unlikely to have tipped the balance in the referendum, but certainly would have altered his own career significantly. Would he be on the way to being a less effective Ken Clarke, sniping from the Remainer sidelines?