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Out, Out, Out
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Published by SLP
It does feel like the site's moderation here operates with different standards for different groups of posters. I honestly don't think Matt's post would have gotten a warning if it was from the in-group on here.
Please note that this is not an action nor a condemnation of Japhy or any other poster, but this post is a good summation of something the mod team and I would like to address.

This sentiment comes up sometimes and it's difficult to respond to without coming clean about how many reports we actually get as a team. Sharing full figures would be inappropriate, but it does seem clear that there are misconceptions about how many reports happen and apparently the mod team then choose to ignore.

Whole days go by without a report coming in, and often only one post will be reported on any given day. Every report is considered seriously for discussion and every action weighed up by more than one member of the team. But we don't get that many reports full stop, and except in instances of spam or extreme scenarios, it's our policy not to intervene where reports haven't been made.

In short, if people think the mod team ignores swathes of reports about an alleged in-group (itself a difficult charge when compared with the data - most actions take place in the PMQs thread, which is what people are clearly talking about when they mention an in-group) then they are mistaken. The mod team wants to be consistent and fair, and above all doing its best to maintain a friendly environment for people to post about AH, writing, politics and more.

We ask, as ever, that if people see posts that endanger this, they report them.
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