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Other Ideologies: Humanism

Uhura's Mazda

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Tamaki Makaurau
This is possibly the most gloriously mental ideology covered by our Beloved Hog-Guardian.

Absolutely brilliant.
There were several points when my brain just short-circuited with the ludicrousness of it all. The one-armed Nazi was the big one, but Mikhail Gorbachev endorsing Silo in a foreword to a book by an Italian fantasy novelist was a close second.

Also, this was the first one of these where I really had to dig for info, and I was scrupulous in only including things if they could be independently verified - there were a lot of scare stories in the South American press which seem to have been motivated by knee-jerk bias, after all. However, there's a lot of fascinating aspersions cast by slightly odd ex-Siloists on the Internet - e.g. here.


Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses
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@AndyC: Maybe we could have a sticky thread that just has a list of all the series and articles in them?

Would make it easy to binge those.
That's a good idea. Give me a few days to sort it out.
However, on the SLP page itself, just under the header, all the authors and series titles can be clicked on to present bingeable lists of each individual series or articles by that particular author, which may help for now.