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Other Ideologies: Anarcho-capitalism (Part One)

Very happy to see it up! :)

I'm a little, ever so slightly disappointed that we couldn't fit in certain details that a person like me finds particularly humourous, like how William Volker was an eccentric Kansas City businessman who had taken a small company manufacturing picture frames and turned it into a multi-million dollar empire, or how the break with Ayn Rand started with her urging Rothbard to get a divorce from his wife because she was a Catholic, which Rand as a staunch atheist took offense with, but, well, I sent you over such a massive amount of words and you most kindly agreed to publish it in two installments that I am hardly in a position to complain that you were not able to fit just about everything in.
I really enjoy the fact that Max, an individualist liberal, focuses on the personalities behind the ideologies while I, a socialist, focus more on the concepts and the parties.

When I raised this point with him over PM, I suggested that our approaches were rooted in our political beliefs, and he argued instead that the different ways in which we view the world are the factors that have shaped our ideological development. Which is just a perfect way of illustrating the core point.