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Nothing but Schadenfreude: A Test Thread


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Unbought and Unbossed

1969 - 1975:
Fmr. Vice President Richard Nixon (Republican)
1968 (with Spiro Agnew) def. Vice President Hubert Humphrey (Democratic), Governor George Wallace (American Independent)
1972 (with Spiro Agnew) def. Senator Ed Muskie (Democratic)
1975 - 1977: Vice President Spiro Agnew (Republican)

1977 - 1985: Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm (Democratic)
1976 (with Terry Sanford) def. Fmr. Governor Ronald Reagan (Conservative), Pres. Spiro Agnew (Republican), Gov. George Wallace (Unpledged Electors)
1980 (with Terry Sanford) def. Ret. Astronaut Frank Borman (Republican), Senator Jesse Helms (Conservative)


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2021 - 2024: Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (Democratic)
2020 (with Richard Blumenthal) def. President Donald Trump (Republican)
2024 - 2025: President Tulsi Gabbard (Republican)

2025 - present: State Senator Sarah McBride (Democratic)
2024 (with Sherrod Brown) def. President Tulsi Gabbard (Republican), Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Independent)
2028 (with Sherrod Brown) def. Fmr. Governor Ron DeSantis (Republican)


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1989 - 1991: Vice President George H.W. Bush (Republican)
1988 (with Dan Quayle) def. Governor Michael Dukakis (Democratic)
1991 - 1993: Vice President Dan Quayle (Republican)

1993 - 1994: Musician Frank Zappa (Independent)
1992 (with Ross Perot) def. President Dan Quayle (Republican), Governor Doug Wilder (Democratic)
1994 - 1995: Vice President Ross Perot (Independent)
1995 - 1997: President Ross Perot (United We Stand)