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Moonbase, Episode 5: A World Apart, Part 5

Alex Richards

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So somebody's hidden a piece of moon rock. A potential weapon maybe?

There's something really out there if somebody's decided that cavorite is just too dangerous for anyone to have and embarked on some sort of massive murder-suicide plot to prevent it from being exploited. But that feels unlikely.


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Could it be that there only ever were 49 people on the mission?

If the journey to the moon in a cavorite ship were nothing like on a rocket, rather a gentle float from Earth all the way up on a large, roomy space-yacht with no need for everybody to be strapped into seats and instead wandering around as they please, then "Uwe Fochs" may have been playing the roles of two people all along.

Four dozen is rather a small group for even an expert disguise artiste to pull that off, but maybe if the scientists and engineers are very focused on their own specific work and scarcely notice anything or anyone outside of it?


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I assume that the curtness of Edith's answers is due to discomfort and to her generally reserved attitude, but it would be tricky both personally and in terms of the investigation if she knew more than she was letting on. After all, John has had to deputize her twice now.

We have some hints of international tension again. The squabble over the time zone isn't serious enough to end in murder, but is it a symptom of a bigger problem?