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Moonbase: Episode 2 - A World Apart, Part 2


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I liked the mnemonic, a nice little framing device.

Of course, now someone will have to tear their suit at some point--never introduce a gun in Act One that won't be fired in Act Five.


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I like the understated romantic subplot. It's funny and it subtly tells us a lot about this world.

Has anyone else here read Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan? The passages about the suits here remind me a lot of that book's detailed focus on underwater shipbuilding.

The name cavorite wouldn't have anything to do with Italian unification, would it?

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The name cavorite wouldn't have anything to do with Italian unification, would it?
I rather suspect that it's probably more likely to be derived from HG Wells, the First Men in the Moon, which uses cavorite, described as a material which can negate the force of gravity. First Men in the Moon was originally serialised in The Strand Magazine.

It may or may not be relevant, but the Wells story has the protagonists encounter life on the moon, called Selenites. The ship in this tale that took them to the moon was the Selene. That, however, might simply be that Selene was the Greek Goddess of the Moon.


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Selenites are also mentionned in Jules Verne book and the name is indeed related to the goddess of the Moon.

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I'm amazed, absolutely amazed, that nobody has thought of the simple expident of a stick with a brightly-colored rope on it as a path marker. It works in neigh-any terrain, and a lack of air and gravity will do just about nothing to it. It even gives you an easy measurement system for your Cavorite-finding men.

Edit: seriously, the nerds need to just get their assess outside and start triangulation exercises. If your instruments measure estimated range, it takes three trips, tops. If your instruments take a bearing, also three trips. Then all you need is a pilot shaft and hey presto you've got Cavorite.
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