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Main site copyright date

George Kearton

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I have just noticed that the main SeaLion Press pages are

Perhaps someone preemptively thought 2020 should be forgotten.

A bit late to fix now but you have 10 days to work out how to change it for 2021
Surely this date (as with all copyrights) relates to the date of first 'publication'?


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IANAL but I note that the GPL computer program license which has been designed by US lawyers does change - or add to the copyright years in every file e.g.
;; Copyright (C) 1985-1986, 1999-2020 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Many web sites do update the year annually. e.g. the Guardian all pages are (c)2020 even if written years ago.

Even then the page I first spotted it on was new releases https://www.sealionpress.co.uk/post/new-releases-five-new-books-available (and actually any recent post) which was written in 2020