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Late Italian First Republic party system with M5S politicians


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A table inspired by the wide variety of positions taken by (current or former) Five Star Movement politicians.
The final years of Prima Repubblica (these are the top twelve parties in 1992 general election) were the beginning of a period of radical transformation of the Italian party system: it saw decades-old declining forces, renewed parties and brand new movements briefly coexist. Five Star movement (sans the decades-old thing) has been all of the three things above.
The only modification, in terms of party names, was to rename Pannella List as Radical Party because of the actual leader's name in the party name.

Christian DemocracyChristian democracy
Christian left
Social conservatism
CentreLuigi Di Maio
Democratic Party of the LeftDemocratic socialism
Social democracy
Left-wingRoberto Fico
Italian Socialist PartySocial democracy
Liberal socialism
Centre-leftEmilio Carelli
Northern LeagueRegionalismBig tentGianluigi Paragone
Communist Refoundation PartyCommunism
Far-leftAlessandro Di Battista
Italian Social MovementNeo-fascism
National conservatism
Far-rightMarco Zanni
Italian Republican PartySocial liberalismCentreMara Mucci
Italian Liberal PartyConservative liberalism
Economic liberalism
Centre to centre-rightMarcello de Vito
Federation of the GreensGreen politics
Left-wingBarbara Lezzi
Italian Democratic Socialist PartySocial democracy
Centre to centre-leftGiuseppe Conte
The NetworkAnti-corruption
Christian left
Centre-leftNicola Morra
Radical PartySocial liberalism
Civil libertarianism
CentreFederico Pizzarotti