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Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State


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The Place Beyond The Pines
1989-1991: George Bush (Republican)
1988 def. Jesse Jackson (Democratic), Paul Simon (Moderate)
1991-1992: Jack Kemp (Republican)
1992-1993: Jack Kemp (An American Party)

1993-2001: Bob Kerrey: (Moderate)
1992 def. Pat Buchanan (Republican), Jerry Brown (Reform), Jack Kemp (An American Party)
1996 def. Phil Gramm (An American Party), Ralph Nader (Reform), Pete Wilson (Serve America Movement), Dan Burton (Independence)

A quick-and-dirty attempt to make a backstory for my "Centrist Third Parties Party System" project.
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List of Presidents of Zion

1948-54: Marcus Garvey (Workers)
1954-55: C.L.R. James (Workers)
1955-63: Marcus Garvey (Workers)

1963-69: George Padmore (Workers/People's)
1969-69: Daniel Fignole (People's)
1969-74: Harriette Moore (People's)
1974-77: Medgar Evers (People's)

1977-83: Benjamin Davis (Liberal)
1983-84: Richard Henries (Liberal)

1984-86: James Lawson (People's)
1986-92: Richard Henries (Liberal)
1992-95: Medgar Evers (People's)

1995-96: James Lawson (People's)
1996-99: Clarence Thomas (Liberal)

1999-01: Colin Powell (One Zion)
2001-06: Luckner Cambronne (Liberal/Change)

2006-09: Herman Cain (Change)
2009-19: Clarence Thomas (Liberal)

The Back to Africa movement did not begin in the 20th century, but the settlements of Sierra Leone and Liberia were small in scale, with the returned slaves living under native rulers. Zion as a project did not truly take off until the collapse of the Sokoto Empire in 1919 where under the auspices of the German Colonials, large scale settlement began. This increasingly led to tension with the local Africans, who resented the increasingly influence of these strangers. One of the ironies of the Back to Africa movement is that they defined themselevs by their vodou faith, which had become a symbol of their cultural resiliance in the slave fields but it was a religion that was only a tiny minority in Africa itself thanks to centuries of muslim rule. In 1936, when a large scale revolt broke out against the German, the Americo-Africans supported the colonial government and so earned their increasingly trust at the cost of a further poisioning of their relations with the locals. And in the aftermath of the terrible massacres of Vodun worshipers in the New World by Trujillo's Louisianaian Empire during the 1940s, the Return to Africa movement was seen as the only way for the black population of the Americas to be guarenteed safety.

In 1944 the Vodun Revolt against the German rule in Guinea began, in 1947 the vodun fought a civil war against the muslim africans that saw thousands expelled and in 1948, after defeating most of their neighbours in war, the Republic of Zion was declared.
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