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Late Qing Catastrophes: The Taiping and the West

Anyway, I think the main takeaway here is that somewhat should write a Trent Affair War TL that focuses entirely on the fallout in China. The audience would be niche, but I'd certainly enjoy it.

Does feel like pretty much every possible mistake the Taiping could have made in this area was made.

Also, I am now convinced that at some point in this conflict two opposing groups attempted to steal the same gunboat at the same time.

Yeah, they were fighting an uphill battle, but their own missteps certainly didn't help matters.

Presumably with the Taiping group dressed up as Qing soldiers, for maximum hilarity?

Another great article, which manages to provide a clear summary of what was a messy situation.

Thanks! :)
Every since I first heard of the Taiping, I've been fascinated, and somewhat overwhelmed by the whole thing. There seem to be a huge number of moving parts, a geography that I never seem able to remember, two separate translations, a sheer bloody multitude of people, and at the centre of it all, the self-proclaimed kid brother of Jesus Christ.

So thanks for doing this series. It's still baffling, but slightly less so.