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Kolyenu's Graphics Thread

Nice, I don't know why but there's something aesthetically pleasing about wikiboxes where the focus isn't on the entity in question being drastically different to OTL, but rather its context - if that makes sense.
it makes sense a bit to me; Nevada ittl is not different (that much) to otl, although without las vegas, the state is going into panic mode as just 6k people leaving would mean that they lose even more power (each house seat is 450k a seat, with at least 5k over gaining you an extra seat, brought on by the stronger influence of the western, less populated, states where 5k does make a difference). There's still gambling, although its focused on the Reno-Carson City area, where like 95% of the Nevadan Population lives.
Ozymandiasverse: Select Maps of the United States (Part 1/??) (Base, Governors, Christianity%)
Liberal - 15
Democrat - 13
Progressive - 4
Socialist - 3
Rhode Island Republican - 1
47 vt
50 wa
53 nv
53 pa
55 wy
56 nh
57 ak
58 ma
59 or
60 de
61 md
62 co
62 mt
62 ny
63 me
64 ca
64 oh
65 az
67 nj
67 wv
68 mi
68 ri
69 il
69 ia
69 wi
71 ct
71 ut
72 id
72 mn
73 ne
73 ok
74 mo
da 74
75 ks
76 in
vi 95
Random tl idea #1: EDC and its Amazing Friends
the members and associates of the European Defense Community (note: does not include any non-state associates, nor any members of the African Economic Union, South East Asian Defense Community, Havana Pact, or any nations that the United States of America has declared a Major Neutral Benefactor). The Current Year's 1981, a few months before the South African War.
French Fourth Republic+
Second Spanish Republic+
Federal Republic of Germany+
Socialist Republic of Italy+
Socialist Republic of Portugal+
Republic of Belgium+
Socialist Republic of Hungary+
Free and Sovereign Republic of Ireland+
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia+
Republic of San Marino+
Kingdom of the Netherlands-Indonesia
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Principality of Andorra
+ = fully socialist/euro-communist nations
the Nalverse, my beloved, redux edition: the New Achaean League in 202x
the map of the New Achaean League in 2025, a decade after the end of the New British Civil War (nukes were involved, for the first time in human history). Essentially what if Ben Franklin overthrew the American government in the 1750s (well, the provisional government), and it led to William Wirt inventing not-fascism and overthrowing the government, Bismarck inventing not-communism and making the NAL the way it is (derogatory), and Richard Nixon (the only confirmed non-oc post 1950ish) becoming the President-Emperor of Greece (long story). oh yeah, also the Dutch and Swedes held out for longer, but that's honestly a footnote compared to some of the stuff ittl. Also there was the second black death in the 50s-60s, but we can just ignore that
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