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Interviewing the AH Community: Martin Roy Hill

Great interview:

I should note:

-That his skepticism of military high technology, while accurate in general terms (of Clancy in general and post-1991 Clancy much better), goes a little too far with his specific examples (or, I should say, that they aren't the ones I'd use).
-His point about traditional vs. self-publishing is dead on, and it's why I've never seriously considered traditional publishing (unless SLP somehow counts) as a writer.
Very good interview. He's clearly quite the knowledgeable fellow.

A quibble: when Mussolini referred to 'corporatism,' rule by large companies is not what he meant.

It's a rookie political science mistake up there with 'dictatorship of the proletariat' (although given the likes of Stalin and Mao the latter is an understandable one).
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I'd forgotten you were going to interview him, he's one of my favourite authors!
Also I absolutely need to hunt down that Patagonia AH story he mentioned, I thought I knew all of his stories