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Geopolitics of 'Godzilla Minus One'


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Published by SLP
I saw Godzilla Minus One in the theater in December and loved it - although being the AH nerd I am one bit perplexed me. The reason the film gives for the American occupational forces in Japan not engaging Godzilla is that the US is afraid to piss off the Soviets.

Wouldn't Godzilla be the perfect test case for the newly formed United Nations Security Council? I can't see anyone boycotting the vote on a use of force here in the way the Soviets did re: Korea in OTL. Indeed I think that the Soviets would be eager to take a giant monster down; if he can rampage Tokyo, he can rampage Vladivostok (with its attendant naval base), and I don't believe there's any evidence of Godzilla respecting maritime boundaries.

That, and MacArthur would just try to nuke him.
One question I have is what business the U.S. would have reinstating the very few ex-IJN vessels left to Japanese control, especially in the hands of civilians. At this point they'd have been fully disarmed and, having fulfilled their duty as repatriation transports, been awaiting disposal. The two destroyers of the final battle, Hibiki and Yukikaze, would be transferred to the Soviet and Chinese navies around the time the film takes place. There isn't a Self-Defense Force yet, there's no American liaison visible, so what kind of arrangement do they have going on?

And you can't make the argument of them being disarmed because we see Takao, a heavy cruiser, crewed by an all-Japanese complement, sailing into combat under its own power and getting shots off its main guns against Godzilla before being unceremoniously Crossroaded. Especially remarkable since the real Takao was completely unseaworthy from flooding in Singapore and had no ammunition left, and was sunk as a target in the Strait of Malacca...in October 1946. Just who ponied up the funds to restore her to seaworthy combat-capable condition?