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Doctor Who Unbound: Exile

Gary Oswald

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OK, that makes sense - the second time I tried didn't catch up earlier.
Yeah if you look on twitter, both are in 'tweets and replies' just not 'tweets'. Same with the two gotham by gaslight tweets.

I think it should be as simple as wording it 'review by @kresal_writes' rather than '@kresal_writes' reviews'. When you start with the @ it thinks its a reply.


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"What if Doctor Who ended up doing a contemporary sitcom" and "what if the Doctor was a woman" don't really make sense mashed together and it's a Past Is Another Country thing that merging them made perfect sense in 2003 & people didn't have a problem.
I stumbled across this video from the Doctor Who @ 40 weekend that was recorded to promote Exile and it seems pretty clear from it why Nicholas Briggs, as the writer/director/"Previous Doctor," might have gone down the comedy route that he did at the time. I'd be willing to wager his opinion on a particular hot topic would be quite different today, based on the comments I found in print when I wrote the review. As you said, "Past is Another Country."