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Racist name by the way,
Published by SLP
(The Cabinet, as composed under the Ministry of The Rt. Hon. Ruth Milne MP, June 2021)​

Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service and Leader of the Radical Party: The Rt. Hon. Ruth Milne, MP (R)
Deputy Prime Minister, Leader of the Ecumene Movement and Secretary of State for Intergovernmental Affairs: The Rt. Hon. Claire Spencer, MP (E)
Chancellor of the Exchequer and Second Lord of the Treasury: The Rt. Hon. Mark Stabler, MP (R)

Secretary of State for the Home Department: The Right Hon. Lora Nichols, SC, MP (R)
Secretary of State for the Foreign Affairs: The Rt. Hon. Toby Musgrove, NC (E)
Minister of Justice and Attorney General: The Rt. Hon. Kieran Cusack, MP (R)
Minister of Defence: The Rt. Hon. David Bertram, MP (R)
Minister of Education: The Rt. Hon. Reuben Smith, MP (R)
Minister of Health: The Rt. Hon. Andrew Ofoyen, MP (R)
Minister of Immigration and Citizenship: The Rt. Hon. Caitlin Ellison (R)
Minister of Economic Development: The Rt. Hon. Sarah Garvey-Whelan, MP (R)

Minister of Social Services: The Rt. Hon.Paula Grissom, MP (E)
Minister of Labour: The Rt. Hon. Kevin Park, MP (R)

Minister of Transport and Communications and Secretary for Scotland: The Rt. Hon. Angela Waugh, MP (R)
Minister of the Environment: The Rt. Hon. Lucas Nye, MP (E)
Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries: The Rt. Hon. Rupert Slipper, MP (R)
Minister of National Heritage, Postmaster General and Secretary for Wales: The Rt. Hon. Marcell Jones, MP (R)
Minister of Energy: The Rt. Hon. Ruben Smith, MP (R)

Leader of the House of Commons and Lord President of the Council: The Rt. Hon. Meg Redford, MP (R)
Leader of the House of Councillors and Lord Privy Seal: The Rt. Hon. Ros Bryson, NC (R)
Chief Secretary to the Treasury: The Rt. Hon. Kevin Richey, MP (E)

Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury and Chief Whip in the House of Commons: The Rt. Hon. Alex Warren-Lovegrove, MP (R)

Also attending cabinet meetings when their ministerial responsibilities are on the agenda:
Minister of State for Ageing, Social Care and Hygiene:
The Rt. Hon. Eden Barrett, NC (E)
Minister of State for Overseas Territories: The Rt, Hon. Declan Powell, MP (R)
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Racist name by the way,
Published by SLP
Scrapheap (Doctor Who, Series 44, Episode 11)
by @Beata Beatrix and @Callan


The sun is only just rising above a desolate, barren, mountainous landscape. It’s starting to snow heavily. As the sun rises, the rims of two or maybe three moons are still visible in the sky. Apart from the whistling wind, it is quiet. Then, we see a figure. A humanoid figure staggers through the snow and the terrain. In the dawn light little more than a silhouette can be seen, but even that suggests that this is barely human. The shape is boxy, the head is the wrong kind of round, it has an almost metallic glimmer in the dawn light. And it moves erratically, almost artificially. And it moans. In an uncanny, semi-artificial voice it moans, half in pain half in exhaustion. And then trips, and staggers hears an ominous natural roar. We see the figure turn around just in time to see it buried under a small avalanche. Then the roar is over, and all we hear is the wind whistling once more, and the odd-shaped footprints of the figure begin to be covered in the snow. It was almost like it was never there.

And then we hear the familiar wheeze of the TARDIS, the shape of the police box materialising at the top of the hill, a distance from the buried figure. The door squeaks open, and JEFFREY and CLARE step out of the TARDIS, both in oversized puffa jackets. They both look out at the mountains and the weather with excitement. CLAIRE stretches her arm out out to catch some snowflakes. She watches them melt in her hand and the siblings share a laugh of excitement.

So this is snow. Proper snow. Beautiful.

THE DOCTOR, unimpressed, follows them out the TARDIS in his familiar duffel coat.

Does it not snow properly in the 2060s? At all?

Well sometimes, but never like this. I mean, properly. Winter wonderland stuff. Last time it was like this, I was a kid. [To CLARE] You were a toddler.

JEFFREY looks back out at the wintry landscape, beaming. The three of them walk together slowly through the landscape. A wide shot of the three silhouettes staggering across the snowy landscape, Jeffrey walking out in front.

I mean, it’s just ice in a funny shape. Not much too it. Many planets, many civilisations on Earth even live with it all year long.

Yeah, but we don’t, so can you just let us have this?

CLARE crouches down and makes a snowball.

I’ve seen this in so many old films, I’ve always wanted to try this.

She chucks the snowball at JEFFREY, hitting him in the back. He turns around, glares, and laughs. Still walking backward, he makes a snowball of his own. But just before he can throw it back, he trips backwards. Jeffrey is lying on his back, disorientated by the fall and the cold of the snowdrift. He glances to his left and sees the half-buried face of the figure from earlier, only inches from his own The head is a metallic helmet with wide, black empty eyes, looking directly at JEFFREY’s. He draws his breath, his eyes wide with terror.

JEFFREY: [Calling]

Instinctively, he starts digging and brushing the snow off the half-buried figure. THE DOCTOR and CLARE come running towards him.

JEFFREY [heard from a distance]:

By the time they arrive, JEFFREY has uncovered half the body of CONVERT RUFUS. He is still wheezing, almost imperceptibly quietly. CLARE looks at him in shock, THE DOCTOR in sadness and worry.

What the hell is that?

It’s not a that, it’s a person. Was a person. It’s a cyberman.
What the hell happened to you?

That’s a long story. A very bleak story. [He looks around] Especially if we are where I think we are-

CONVERT RUFUS suddenly rises up from the snowdrift, throwing the snow off him. JEFFREY tries to restrain him but he casts aside JEFFREY with impossible strength. It rounds on THE DOCTOR and CLAIRE, moving erratically, wheezing, it’s arm outstretched in a stance of attack.

You will be like us…

OPENING CREDITS: The familiar colourful mock-howlround intro, Sacha Dhawan’s face briefly appearing and dissolving within the patterns.


Racist name by the way,
Published by SLP
Postmasters General, 1988-2014:

1988-1989: Alwyn Owen (Independent)
1989-1992: Tom Newman (Centre)
1992-1992: Angela Bowen (Radical)
1992-1993: Charles Pober (Radical)
1993-1994: Michael Mussen (Irish Reform)
1994-1998: Michael Dill (Unionist)
1998-1999: Ajay Mittal (Unionist)
1999-2005: Margaret Walker (Unionist)
2005-2007: Patricia Sutcliffe (Centre)
2007-2011: Jan Morrissey (Radical)
2011-2013: Luke Berthoud (Unionist)
2013-2014: Peter Heming (Radical)

Office abolished with the Communications Act of 2014, responsibilities for telecommunications and the Post Office transferred to Department of Transport and Communications, responsibilities for broadcasting to the Department for National Heritage.
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Racist name by the way,
Published by SLP
Watched The Champions, a great documentary chronicling the parallel careers of Pierre Trudeau and Rene Levesque, a lot of PoDs about.

- The obvious one of Trudeau sticking with the NDP and the labour movement
- Levesque able to stick with the Liberal Party? (probably requiring a fairly far back PoD)
- Pierre Bourgault is a very interesting (if much more politically defective) ATL leader of the Quebec sovereignty movement
- The Jean-Baptise Day riots was really the catalyst not only for Trudeau's victory and reputation for bravery, but for the coalescing of Quebec nationalists into what became the PQ. Without the exact circumstances Trudeau might not win big, and might not opposite reaction of needing the various disparate groups and leaders to come together.
- There wasn't much guarantee that Levesque's Mouvement Souveraineté-Association would emerge as the most prominent force and thus allow him to dictate the terms of the sovereignty movement
- Rene Levesque seriously considered quitting the PQ leadership after his 1973 defeat, and again in 1977 after his fatal car accident
- Trudeau's political secretary wanted him to call a snap election 1977 to take advantage of his buoyant poll numbers
- When Clark's government fell the Liberal Executive was split on whether to let Trudeau lead the party into the 1980 election, and he was reportedly close to not staying.
- Lise Payette avoids her "Yvettes" gaffe

Amazing how much AH potential you find when you look beyond Wikipedia.


Racist name by the way,
Published by SLP
“Robert Stanfield sent Mulroney to woo Wagner because he needed somebody credible to lead the Progressive Conservatives’ Quebec wing. Wagner should have been able to deliver 20 seats or more. But he fumbled questions about a trust fund the party set up to soften his landing in politics, and he let the party talk him into soft-pedalling the tough-on-crime rhetoric that had made him a political star. Stanfield’s party won only two seats in Quebec and fell two seats short of overtaking the Trudeau Liberals. If Wagner had delivered on his potential, Pierre Trudeau’s political career might have ended in 1972.”

1968-1972: Pierre Trudeau (Liberal)
1968: Robert Stanfield (Progressive Conservative), Tommy Douglas (New Democratic), Real Caouette (Raillaiment Creditise)
1972-1978: Robert Stanfield (Progressive Conservative)
1972 (Minority): Pierre Trudeau (Liberal), David Lewis (New Democratic), Real Caouette (Rallaiment Creditiste)
1974: Pierre Trudeau (Liberal), David Lewis (New Democratic)

1978-1982: Claude Wagner (Progressive Conservative)
1978: John Turner (Liberal), Ed Broadbent (New Democratic)
1982: Flora MacDonald (Progressive Conservative)
1982-1983: Erik Nielsen (Progressive Conservative)
1983-1993: Jean Chretien (Liberal)

1983: Erik Nielsen (Progressive Conservative), Ed Broadbent (New Democratic), Marcel Leger (Option Quebec)
1987: Flora MacDonald (Progressive Conservative), Howard McCurdy (New Democratic), Marcel Leger (Option Quebec)
1991: Ray Hnatyshyn (Progressive Conservative), Howard McCurdy (New Democratic), Antoine Dubé (Option Quebec)

1993-1997: Bob Kaplan (Liberal)
1995 (Minority): Ray Hnatyshyn (Progressive Conservative), Michael Cassidy (New Democratic), Antoine Dubé (Option Quebec)
1997-: Isabel Bassett (Progressive Conservative)
1997: Bob Kaplan (Liberal), Mel Hurtig (Action Canada), Antoine Dubé (Option Quebec), Lorne Nystrom (New Democratic)
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