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Blackentheborg's city council archive filing cabinet


Huey Long enjoyer
the Blitz House
2021-2025: Joe Biden
fmr. Vice President of the United States (2009-2017), fmr. Senator for Delaware (1973-2009)
(with Kamala Harris) defeated
Donald Trump/Mike Pence
- January 6th storming of the Capital Building by pro-trump protesters, subsequent ongoing legal inquiries.
- Unionisation campaign at Amazon warehouses marred by illegal corporate interference.
- Ongoing Trump-era strikes at Alabama Warrior Met Coal mines result in repeated attempted assaults on strikers.
- COVID-19 eviction moratorium overruled by SCOTUS, millions homeless within weeks.
- Withdrawal of the United States troops from Afghanistan results in Taliban seizure of power.
- Hurricanes Ida and Nicholas damage pivotal infrastructure.
- Vehicular manslaughter of Marina Delacruz, wife of striking miner, resulting in the lynching of scab Easton Colby. Union officials begin hostile occupation of Amazon warehouses, 17 dead in subsequent police clear-out.
- Nationwide riots result in increased police violence, anti-union propaganda.
- Amazon Warehouse protests in Bessemer result in police assault and crippling of Emmitt Warner, nationwide riots expand to include BLM.
- Autonomous Zones of Oak Hill, Santa Rosa, Bellvue, Newton, Bridgeport, Raleigh and Fairbanks.
- "Noncommittal" General Strike causes widespread consumer shortage.
- Presidential approval ratings float at 29%, signs of debatable vascular dementia increase.
- Announces he will not run for reelection, offers "clean slate for a new generation."
- Lee Carter presidential bid becomes the first Independent to win states since 1968.

2025-2027: Kamala Harris*
Vice President of the United States (2021-2025), fmr. Senator for California (2019-2021)
(with Pete Buttigieg) defeated Francis X. Suarez/Josh Hawley, Lee Carter/Omar Hardy
- First Democratic woman, BAME President. Approval ratings float at 35% on inauguration.
- Republicans reclaim house, Democrats take senate with cooperation from new Independents.
- Military expansion in Central America.
- Armed counter-protesters beaten to death in Minneapolis–Saint Paul after opening fire on union protests.
- Global temperatures exceed 1.5°C increase in 2026, Global sea levels rise 8ft, East Coast experiences repeating superstorm events, mass petrol shortages during declaration of first "American Climate War" drives up national hardship.
- Assassinated by mentally unsound Tump-supporting union officer previously arrested in Amazon protests.

2027-2029: Pete Buttigieg
Vice President of the United States (2025-2027), fmr. Secretary of Transportation (2021-2024), fmr. Mayor of South Bend, Indiana (2012-2020)
(vacant, then with Gretchen Whitmer)
- First gay President. Approval ratings briefly jump to 41% on back of public sympathy.
- Combat with Chinese naval fleet off the Indochinese Peninsula almost goes nuclear, Republicans file for impeachment.
- National unemployment reaches 10.2%, inflation rises 2.0%.
- 2028 sees increase of Independent candidates, both leftist and right-wing.
- Growing movement of "Offgrid" leads to mass exodus from cities, greater agricultural growth of further Autonomous Zones.
- Chicago Confederation of Autonomous Zones, as well as the Autonomous Zones of Buffalo, Norristown, Tecolote and Bayside, enter ongoing gun battles with police and National Guard.

2029-2033: Kristi Noem
fmr. Governor for South Dakota (2019-2026)
(with Antwan McClellan) defeated Pete Buttigieg/Gretchen Whitmer

- First Republican woman President, first Republican BAME Vice President, won on plurality of electoral collage votes despite public controversies.
- America leaves Otago Accords and NATO, Fed begins divestment from international market as economy nationalises under "Apple Pie Populism".
- Consumer panic as shortage of American-made goods increases.
- Report: More than a third of American wholesale appliances made in prison labour facilities.
- Blight Fungus rips across Middle America, resulting in nationwide food shortages.
- United States military attempt to seize Autonomous Zones results in widespread anti-federal violence.

2033-20??: Mauree Turner
Representative for Oklahoma (2026-2031), fmr. State Rep. for Oklahoma (2024-2026)
(with Franklin Bynum) defeated Kristi Noem/Antwan McClellan

- First nonbinary, muslim President, changed party affiliation from Democratic to Independent (referred to as the "Sanders manoeuvre")
- Executive orders for Carbon, Equity and Millionaire Taxes signed during first day in office.
- Confirmation of SCOTUS judges Kruger, Gupta, Koh, Jackson and Twitty using the constitutional appointments clause.
- Incorporation of Autonomous Zones into local authorities under the State Government Framework Act.
- Federal seizure and trials of "tech giants" result in mass divestment.
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Huey Long enjoyer
the Blitz House
The Foretelling - "Kamala Harris will be President of the United States"

2004-2011: 27th District Attorney of San Francisco

'03: defeated Terence Hallinan
'07: scattered opposition

2011–2017: 32nd Attorney General of California
'10: def. Steve Cooley (Republican)
'14: def. Ronald Gold

2017–2021: Senator from California
def. Loretta Sanchez (Democratic), Duf Sundheim
2020: Democratic Party primary candidate for President of the United States
lost to Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Michael Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Tulsi Gabbard, others
2021-2025: Vice President of the United States
Joe Biden/Kamala Harris defeated Donald Trump/Mike Pence
2024: Democratic Party primary candidate for President of the United States
lost to J. B. Pritzker, Pete Buttigieg, Nina Turner, others
J. B. Pritzker/Eric Adams defeated Chris Christie/Donald Trump Jr.

2025: Candidate for Associate Justice of the SCOTUS
lost to Sri Srinivasan, Goodwin Liu, Florentino Cuéllar, Patricia Millett, others
2026: Democratic Party Primary candidate for California Senator
lost to Ro Khanna, Rusty Hicks, others
Ro Khanna defeated John Elder, Kevin Paffrath (Forward-endorsed Independent)

2026-2027: Private citizen, public speaker
2027-2029: United States Attorney General

appointed by President J. B. Pritzker
2028: Democratic Party primary candidate for President of the United States
lost to Eric Adams, Jennifer Carroll Foy, Beto O'Rourke, Saikat Chakrabarti, Ryan Fecteau, others
Francis X. Suarez/Torren Ecker defeated Eric Adams/Raphael Warnock
2029-2030: Private citizen, author
2030-2036: Vice-President for Global Affairs and Communications of Meta Platforms, Inc.

appointed by CEO Priscilla Chan
2032: Democratic Party primary candidate for President of the United States
lost to Brace Belden, Steven Bonnell, Nikema Williams, P.G. Sittenfeld, others
Brace Belden/India Walton defeated
Francis X. Suarez/Torren Ecker
2034: Democratic Party Primary candidate for Governor of California

lost to John Drake, Angel Lara, Shankar Singam, Yvonne Hargrove, others
John Drake defeated
Elizabeth Eng
2036: Democratic Party primary candidate for President of the United States

lost to Brace Belden, scattered perennial candidates
Brace Belden/India Walton defeated Antwan McClellan/Dusty Johnson

2036-2041: Private citizen, lecturer, Chairwoman of the Build Back Better Foundation
2040: Democratic Party primary candidate for President of the United States

lost to Amara Enyia, Garlin Gilchrist, Joseph Stallcop, Ethan Bennett, Dax Dean
Amara Enyia/Athena Salman
defeated G. T. Bynum/Dan Crenshaw
2041-2049: United States Ambassador to the United Nations

appointed by President Amara Enyia
Democratic Party primary candidate for President of the United States
lost to True Kander, Jagger Washington, Bennie Porter, Sammy Salinas
True Kander/Lesley Eaton defeated Patriot Roth/Phoenix John Kramer
2049-2050: United States Secretary of State
appointed by President True Kander
2050 (April 19, 7:02am - April 19, 7:09am): Acting President of the United States

appointed following the D.C. Terror attack as per Line of Sucsession, died of heart attack shortly after inauguration