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'Axis of Andes' review

Great review. I know firsthand how difficult it is to write an ultimately positive review that still points out the flaws in the work when they exist, but you did it well. Since I love obscure/what if military conflicts I'll have to check this out myself.
Great review! I was very attracted to this when I saw it on the Old Country but found it impenetrable after a while because of the issues Gary addresses, but the plus points are all there.

Might consider trying again but just jumping into the second part!
Reading, I see what you mean about Book 1 - most of the Book Of Ecuador has been about real Ecuadorian history (and of its neighbours).

Though as someone who has little knowledge, I'm finding that bit fascinating so it's a win-win for me!
Oh bloody hell, I just got to the halfway point as the war kicks off and Hitler
has a generic "yeah go beat up our mutual enemy" telegram sent to the wrong country

That's such a great moment, the best of the 'and this is how the outside world is reacting to this' bits. The first book is so frustrating because there's quite a few genuinely good narrative scenes and then we're back to 30 pages of exposition.

But I'm very much enjoying your comments as you read it and hope you keep them up.
Peru invades by accident and apologises. Dear me.

the Andes Axis have gone from Alba storming towards Lima to the US embargo causing logistics to go in Peru's favour but with neither side deciding now's a good time to stop fighting, uh oh...
Book, repeatedly, earlier: "General Blandon was sent to the Oriente to sideline him"

General Blandon, now: "Obviously they needed a great genius to manage the whole Oriente but, and I'll grant you communication is slow, it almost seems like I've been sidelined......... nah, couldn't be. Still, better show up Alba by
launching an offensive without orders
, I'm not fragile"
Alba wins! War's over!

Wait, no, here comes a coup, and now Alba's heelturning his way through the countryside's civilians and we get a truly nasty scene of Peru's General Markholtz attempting Operation Pawn Sacrifice with his conscripts. You do not want to be a Native Peruvian in this story.