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Alternate Wikibox Thread

1959 South Vietnam Presidential Election:

Ngo Dinh Diem (CL) -
Phan Khac Suu (PS) - 1959-?

From "A New Birth Of Freedom: The First Cold War" (2020)

If you had told Americans during the Red Scare that they would win the Cold War through Socialism most would laugh at you. But a strategy pioneered in Vietnam of recruiting pro-US/Anti-Soviet leftists to run for election would pay massive dividends. The regime of South Vietnamese President Phan Khac Suu included some extremely leftist policies, some well into the range of Marxism. Most major landlords would see their property redistributed to some degree, for instance.

But these policies were usually accompanied by a staunch anti-Soviet (and later anti-Chinese as well) line abroad, along with free elections and freedom of speech. While the strategy started in Vietnam in the late 1950s, it would eventually spread to include places like Cuba after Fidel Castro won the 1963 elections and much of the eastern block. While this has produced some quite meme-able occasions (such as 93% of those attending the 'Ho Chi Minh Socialist Conference' having a positive opinion of the United States), it has led to an increase in living standards to many around the world.

More from this universe:
Elections for the American House of Representatives- and therefore the Presidency and Senate- were held on November 3, 2020. The incumbent National-Conservative government of President Nicole Kim was defeated at the polls, with the left-wing Social Democratic Party winning a historic victory and getting a mandate to form a government. Social Democratic leader James Kaufman (OC) was therefore elected President in December in an agreement with the rest of the Pan-Left coalition. President Kim initially looked like a decent bet for re-election, with her moderate policies on gay rights and healthcare being mostly popular. However, relative mismanagement of the COVID-19 Pandemic resulted in rising numbers for the left, particularly the long-struggling Social Democratic Party, which had made large gains in the previous elections. The SDP promised increased relief checks, more spending on healthcare, and a continuation of socially liberal policies. In the concurrent Senate elections, the Pan-Left coalition gained a majority. Despite the popular vote disparity, Liberal candidates won more coalition primaries and more were therefore elected in November.

Kaufman and his SDP-ALP-GRN cabinet were sworn in on January 31, 2021 for a term ending four years later.

2020 United States General Election:
Social Democratic (SDP) - 46,797,330 (29.3%) | 146 Representatives
National Front (ANF) - 38,651,719 (24.2%) | 121 Representatives
Conservative Union (CU) - 29,547,802 (18.5%) | 93 Representatives
Liberal Party (ALP) - 25,075,702 (15.7%) | 79 Representatives
Green League (GRN) - 16,291,220 (10.2%) | 51 Representatives
Libertarian Party (LIB) - 3,354,074 (2.1%) | 11 Representatives

PAN LEFT: 88,164,252 (55.2%) / 276 Representatives
PAN RIGHT: 71,553,595 (44.8%) / 225 Representatives

2020 United States Presidential Election:
James M. Kaufman (SDP) - 269 Votes

Nicole A. Kim (ANF) - 204 Votes
Gary E. Johnson (LIB) - 18 Votes
Hillary R. Clinton (ALP) - 4 Votes
Screenshot 2023-06-04 10.03.06 PM.jpg

Nicole Kim, a former right wing talk show host and Congresswoman, rode the radical Islamic terrorist attacks of 2015 and 2016 to a victory in that year's election. The Kim Administration mostly kept existing left-wing policies, and instead mostly stuck to culture warfare issues. With a good economy, this wasn't hard to pull off. Kim- who was a lesbian Jewish woman of color- reflected a shift of the American right towards focusing on trans and anti-Islam issues.


The Kaufman Administration are the current inhabitants of the White House. James M. Kaufman is by far the most left wing individual to hold the office in decades, and his record in office reflects this. Over the last two years, his government has passed bills expanding universal healthcare by abolishing all copays and making dental, prescription, and vision coverage universal. The Kaufman White House has also expanded the Patriot Income Dividend (a type of UBI that ensured all American adults made at least $24,000 per year) along with additional protections for abortion and investments on the international front. In 2022, Kaufman welcomed the first Sovereign Wealth Fund payout of over $250 Billion.
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Harry Britt, an openly gay DSA member and San Francisco supervisor, ran in 1987 for congress in the special election for the 5th district. He lost by about 4,000 votes in the Democratic primary to Nancy Pelosi. I did a quick box on a potential (rather optimistic) career path if he won that race.