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alternate cabinets

this is to post any and all alternate cabinets for the us and the uk governments (shadow cabinets are allowed) future cabinets are allowed as well as your administrations if you were ever leaders
a example mid 1980's war cabinet in britain in ww3 happened (conventional)
Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury:Margaret Thatcher
Chancellor of the Exchequer: John Major
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Michael Heseltine
Secretary of State for the Home Department: Neil Kinnock
Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry: Winston Spencer-Churchill
Lord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons: Baron Jenkins of Hillhead
Secretary of State for Defence: Paddy Ashdown
Secretary of State for Social Security: John Smith
Secretary of State for Health: Paul Boateng
Secretary of State for Education and Science: Rhodri Morgan
Secretary of State for Employment: John Silkin
Secretary of State for Energy: Chris Patten
Secretary of State for Transport: Donald Dewar
Secretary of State for International Development: Douglas Hurd
Secretary of State for the Environment: Lynda Chalker
Secretary of State for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries David Mellor
Secretary of State for Culture and Communications: Tony Blair
Secretary of State for Scotland: Doug Hoyle
Secretary of State for Wales:Huw Edwards
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland: Patrick Cormack
Chief Secretary to the Treasury: The Lord Biffen
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for Women: Edwina Currie
Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury and Chief Whip: Roger Moate
Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice:Baroness Gardner of Parkes
Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Lords: Baron Grimond
Minister for Constitutional Reform:Joan Lestor
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Ministry of J.R. Clynes (1924-1931 and 1931-1935) from this list in the other Thread

Clynes Ministry (1924-1931) - Labour Party

Prime Minister: J.R. Clynes
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: J.H. Thomas
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Philip Snowden
Secretary of State for Home Department: Arthur Henderson
Secretary of State for the Colonies and Dominion Affairs: Ramsay MacDonald
Secretary of State for War: A.V. Alexander
Secretary of State for India: Sydney Webb
Secretary of State for Scotland: William Adamson
Secretary for Air: Josiah Wedgwood
First Lord of the Admiralty: Lord Thomson
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster: Charles Philips Trevelyan
President of the Board of Trade: William Wedgwood Benn
Minister of Agriculture: George Lansbury
Minister of Labour: Herbert Morrison
Minister of Health: Clement Attlee
Lord Chancellor: Lord Haldane
Lord Privy Seal: Lord Parmoor
Leader of the House of Lords: Sydney Oliver, 1st Baron Oliver

*Changes in 1929 - J.H. Thomas moved to Colonial Affairs, Replaced by Arthur Henderson at Foreign Affairs, Ramsay MacDonald moved to Home Office.

National Government (1931-1935) - Labour Party, Liberal Party, New Party

Prime Minister: J.R. Clynes (Labour)
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: Arthur Henderson (Labour)
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Philip Snowden (Labour)
Secretary of State for Home Department: Herbert Samuel (Liberal)
Secretary of State for the Colonies: Oswald Mosley (New Party)
Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs: Herbert Morrison (Labour)
Secretary of State for War: A.V. Alexander (Labour)
Secretary of State for India: Marquess of Reading (Liberal)
Secretary of State for Scotland: Malcolm MacDonald (Labour)
Secretary for Air: Archibald Sinclair (Liberal)
First Lord of the Admiralty: Harold Nicolson (New Party)
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster: Arthur Greenwood (Labour)
President of the Board of Trade: Clement Attlee (Labour)
Minister of Agriculture: Harold Macmillan (New Party)
Minister of Labour: Ernest Bevin (Labour)
Minister of Health: George Lansbury (Labour)
Lord Chancellor: Lord Sankey (Labour)
Lord Privy Seal: Marquess of Crewe (Liberal)
Lord President of the Council: David Lloyd George (Liberal)
Leader of the House of Lords: Marquess of Lothian (Liberal)

*Changes in 1933 - Arthur Henderson and Philip Snowden stepped down citing age and ill health, replaced by Herbert Morrison and Clement Attlee respectively. They are replaced by Christopher Addison (Labour) and John Strachey (New Party)


Ernst Röhm's Twink Island
Government of the 1st Dáil

President of Dáil Éireann: Thomas Johnson (Labour)
Deputy President of Dáil Éireann: Arthur Griffith (Sinn Fein)
Secretary for Home Affairs: Jack Beattie (Labour)

Secretary for Finance: William X. O'Brien (Socialist Party of Ireland)
Secretary for Foreign Affairs: Count Plunkett (Sinn Fein)
Secretary for Labour: James Connolly (Socialist Party of Ireland)
Secretary for Agriculture: D.D. Sheeran (All-For-Ireland League)
Secretary for Trade and Commerce: Horace Plunkett (Irish Centre Party)

Secretary for Defence: Tom Clarke (Sinn Fein)

Secretary for Propaganda: Patrick Pearse (Sinn Fein)
republican version
President:Lamar Alexander
Vice President:Carroll Campbell
Chairman Of The Cabinet:John G. Rowland (resigns in 1994) Jim Gilmore
Secretary of State:Kit Bond(leaves in 1993)John Engler(leaves in 1994)Henry Bellmon
- Deputy: Wally Hickel
Secretary of the Treasury Dave Treen(leaves in 1992)William Milliken
- Deputy:Kay Orr
Secretary of Defense:John H. Sununu(leaves in 1993)Arch A. Moore Jr.
- Deputy: Bill Janklow (leaves in 1992)Victor Atiyeh
Attorney General:John Ashcroft(leaves in 1993)Richard "Dick" Thornburgh
- Deputy: James G. Martin
Secretary of the Interior: Mike Huckabee (leaves in 1993)Dirk Kempthorne
- Deputy:Stan Stephens
Secretary of Agriculture:Bill Graves (quits in 1991)Marc Racicot
- Deputy:H. Guy Hunt
Secretary of Commerce:Judd Gregg (leaves in 1993)Terry Branstad
- Deputy: Frank D. White (fired in 1990)Lincoln Almond
Secretary of Labor Don Sundquist (quits in 1990)Arne Carlson
- Deputy:Mike Castle
Secretary of Health and Human Services:Tommy Thompson
- Deputy David Beasley (leaves in 1994)Buddy MacKay
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Pete DuPont (leaves in 1991)Frank Keating
- Deputy:George Allen
Secretary of Transportation: Richard Snelling(resigns in 1995)John Spellman
- Deputy Phil Batt
Secretary of Energy: Thomas Kean (leaves in 1993)Jay Hammond
- Deputy:George Mickelson
Secretary of Education:Fife Symington (leaves in 1994)George Pataki
- Deputy:Walter Dale Miller
Secretary of Veteran's Affairs: Mike Foster (resigns in 1990)Al Quie
- Deputy Pete Wilson
Secretary of Homeland Security:George W. Bush (leaves in 1992)Tom Ridge
- Deputy:Jane Dee Hull
National Security Adviser:William Weld (resigns in 1995)James R."Big Jim"Thompson
Chief of Staff:Mike Leavitt
NASA Administrator:Bill Owens
FEMA Administrator:Lowell Weicker (leaves in 1994)Jesse Ventura
Trade Representative:John McKernan(leaves in 1989)Bob Taft
Director of the CIA:George Deukmejian
Director of the FBI:Kenny Guinn(leaves in 1994)Ed Schafer
Ambassador to the United Nations:Otis Bowen(leaves in 1992)Cecil Underwood
Director of the Office of Management and Budget:Robert D. Orr
Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency:Bill Clements(leaves in 1993)
Christine Todd Whitman
Administrator of the Small Business Administration: Mike Hayden
Press Secretary Paul Cellucci (quits in 1990)Jim Edgar(Deputy:Robert List)
FCC Chairman:Charles Thone
Solicitor General:Bob Martinez (Deputy:Norman H. Bangerter)
Senior Advisers: Kirk Fordice Allen Olson,George Voinovich Edward DiPrete
Supreme Court Nominees:Robert D. Ray Jim Rhodes,Buddy Cianci, Myrth York,Stan Stephens,
Stan Lundine,Amalya Lynn Kearse,Thomas B. Griffith, James L. Buckley
a cabinet filled with Democratic party governors from the 1980's and 1990's lets just say that the department of homeland security exist at this point in the timeline)
President:Mario Cuomo
Vice President:Toney Anaya (dropped from the ticket in 1992) Douglas Wilder
Chairman Of The Cabinet:Mike Lowry (resigns in 1995),Neil Goldschmidt
Secretary of State:Jerry Brown( leaves at cuomo's second term),John W. Carlin
- Deputy: Richard Riley (quits in 1991)Gaston Caperton
Secretary of the Treasury:Gerald Baliles (leaves at cuomo's second term), Evan Bayh
- Deputy:George Nigh
Secretary of Defense:George Busbee (resigns due to old age in 1990)Edwin Edwards
- Deputy:Ray Mabus
Attorney General:Evan Mecham(resigns due to scandal in 1991) Dick Celeste
- Deputy: Richard Bryan(quits in 1989) Bruce King
Secretary of the Interior: Cecil Andrus(leaves in 1995)Mel Carnahan
- Deputy:James Blanchard
Secretary of Agriculture:Bill Clinton(resigns in 93 due to whitewater)Jim Folsom Jr.
- Deputy David Walters
Secretary of Commerce:Ned McWherter
- Deputy: Jim Guy Tucker(resigns in 93 due to whitewater),David Walters
Secretary of Labor:Buddy Roemer(switches parties in 1992)Scott M. Matheson
- Deputy:John W. Carlin
Secretary of Health and Human Services:Jeanne Shaheen( leaves in 1993) Howard Dean
- Deputy Dick Lamm
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development:John D. Waihee III
- Deputy:Edward J. King
Secretary of Transportation:Michael Dukakis (leaves in 1993)Jay Rockefeller
- Deputy:Ben Cayetano
Secretary of Energy Dixie Lee Ray
- Deputy:Bill Sheffield
Secretary of Education:Madeleine Kunin
- Deputy:Gary Locke
Secretary of Veteran's Affairs:Mike Sullivan (resigns in 1992),John Kitzhaber
- Deputy:Roy Roemer
Secretary of Homeland Security:Joseph Garrahy (quits in 1993)William Winter
- Deputy:Gray Davis( resigns due to scandal in 1995)Bruce Sundlun
National Security Adviser:Tony Knowles(resigns in 1994 to run for senate)Roy Barnes
Chief of Staff Paul E. Patton (resigns in 1994) Richard Bryan
NASA Administrator:William Allain (fired in 1989)George Sinner
FEMA Administrator:Joe Frank Harris(resigns in 1991)James Florio
Trade Representative:Lawton Chiles ( leaves in 1992)Bob Casey Sr.
Director of the CIA:Hugh J. Gallen (quits in 1990),William Donald Schaefer
Director of the FBI Parris Glendening (resigns in 1995)Tony Earl
Ambassador to the United Nations:Bob Graham
Director of the Office of Management and Budget:Steve Cowper
Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency:Rudy Perpich(dies in 1991)Tom Carper
Administrator of the Small Business Administration: George Ariyoshi
Press Secretary: William A. O'Neill (Deputy:John V. Evans)
FCC Chairman:Zell Miller (leaves in 1993)Ted Schwinden
Solicitor General:Chuck Robb(resigns in 1993)Brendan Byrne
Senior Advisers: Ella Grasso, Hugh Carey,Booth Gardner,Fob James,Ann Richards,
Martha Layne Collins,
Supreme Court Nominees:Bob Kerrey,Jim Hunt,Bruce Babbitt,George Wallace,
Mark White,Barbara Roberts,Rose Mofford,Frank O'Bannon,Joan Finney
Commissioner of the Federal Maritime Commission:Joseph E. Brennan
President:Tom Cotton(Replaced by Mike Huckabee in the senate)
Vice President:Matt Gaetz
Secretary of State Walid Phares(resigns in 2020)Dana Rohrabacher
- Deputy: Dinesh D'Souza:
Secretary of the Treasury:Milo Yiannopoulos(leaves in 2021)Anthony Weiner
- Deputy:Ann Coulter
Secretary of Defense:Oliver North(leaves in 2019) J.D. Hayworth
- Deputy:Sebastian Gorka
Attorney General: Roy Moore(arrested in 2023)Christine O’Donnell
- Deputy:Jeanine Pirro
Secretary of the Interior:Robert Jimenez(leaves in 2022)Brian Kemp
(replaced by Geoff Duncan as Governor)
- Deputy:Stefan Molyneux
Secretary of Agriculture:Steve King (arrested in 2023)Todd Akin
- Deputy Pastor Steven Anderson
Secretary of Commerce:Ben Sasse(replaced by Dave Heineman in the senate)
- Deputy Peter Boykin
Secretary of Labor Paul Nehlen
- Deputy:Kris Kobach
Secretary of Health and Human Services:Mor Shapiro
- Deputy:Ron DeSantis (replaced by Jeanette Núñez as Governor)
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development:Candace Owens
- Deputy:Kirstjen Nielsen(resigns in 2024) Jody Hice
Secretary of Transportation:Augustus Sol Invictus
- Deputy:Mike Cernovich
Secretary of Energy Don Blankenship
- Deputy:Lou Barletta
Secretary of Education:Ben Shapiro
- Deputy:Markwayne Mullin,
Secretary of Veteran's Affairs Pete Hegseth
- Deputy:Megyn Kelly
Secretary of Homeland Security:Joe Arpaio(arrested in 2023) Louie Gomhert
- Deputy Dana Loesch
National Security Adviser:John Bolton
Chief of Staff:Steve Bannon
NASA Administrator:Charles Boustany
FEMA Administrator:Alex Jones
Trade Representative Paul Joseph Watson
Director of the CIA Donald Trump Jr
Director of the FBI:Jim Justice(Replaced by Mitch Carmichael as Governor)
Ambassador to the United Nations:Richard Spencer(Deputy:Jeff Schoep)
Director of the Office of Management and Budget:Steven Crowder
Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency:Scott Pruitt
Administrator of the Small Business Administration: Linda McMahon
Press Secretary: Tucker Carlson(Deputy:Laura Ingraham)
FCC Chairman:Ajit Pai
Solicitor General:Elaine Chao(Deputy:Reince Priebus)
Senior Advisers: Rush Limbaugh,Jerry Fawell Jr, Pat Buchanan, Pat Robertson,Phyllis Schafly
Supreme Court Nominees:James Dobson,Jared Taylor,David Duke,Don Black,
Amy Coney Barret,Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh,Allison H. Eid, Judith Sheindlin
Gregory Katsas,Alex Acosta
Prime Minister–Nancy Kassenbaum
Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy and Business–Dan Quayle
Minister of Foreign Affairs–Terry Branstad
Minister of Defense–Jim Sensenbrenner
Minister of Finance–Ron Paul
Minister of the Interior–Bill Frist
Minister of Education–Ed Koch
Minister of Health–Chuck Grassley
Minister of Public Lands–Richard Snelling
Minister of Labor–Paula Hawkins
Minister of Justice–Orrin Hatch
Minister of Transportation–Lee Cooke
Minister of Agriculture–Joe Skubitz
Minister of Energy and Fuel–Conrad Burns
Minister of Social Welfare–Marjorie Holt
Minister of Communications–Connie Mack III
Minister of Trade–Olympia Snowe
Minister of Space Exploration–Jake Garn
Minister of Aboriginal and Minority Affairs–Bill Janklow
Minister of Intergovernmental Relations–Peter Plympton Smith
Minister of the Budget–Pete Wilson
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs–Dan Kuykendall
Deputy Minister of Finance–Pat Saiki
Deputy Minister of Defense– Mel Hancock
Deputy Minister of Education–Bill Archer
Deputy Minister of Health–Newt Gingrich
Deputy Minister of Justice–Jim Jeffords
Deputy Minister of the Interior–Ken Kramer
Government Leader in the House of Commons–Don Sundquist
Government Chief Whip in the House of Commons–Bill Paxon
Government Leader in the Senate–Tom DeLay
Government Chief Whip in the Senate–Harlan Mathews