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Albums from alternate timelines


Mickey Leland would've won
the Blitz House
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Mickey Leland would've won
the Blitz House

The Beatles - Merseyside (1967)

1. A Day In The Life
2. Penny Lane
3. She's Leaving Home
4. Baby You're a Rich Man
5. Only a Northern Song
6. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
7. Within You Without You

1. Strawberry Fields Forever
2. Fool on the Hill
3. When I’m Sixty-Four
4. Getting Better
5. With A Little Help From My Friends
6. All You Need Is Love
7. Hello, Goodbye​
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Mickey Leland would've won
the Blitz House

Gorillaz - No More Unicorns Anymore (2018)

1. Hallelujah Money (feat. Benjamin Clementine)
2. Tranz
3. Ticker Tape (feat. Carley Simon & Kali Uchis)
4. Out of Body (feat. Kilo Kish, Zebra Katz & Imani Vonshà)
5. Kansas
6. Saturnz Barz (feat. Popcaan)
7. Andromeda (feat. DRAM)
8. Souk Eye

1. Sorcererz
2. She's My Collar (feat. Kali Uchis)
3. Momentz (feat. De La Soul)
4. Sleeping Powder
5. The Apprentice (feat. Rag'n'Bone Man, Zebra Katz & RAY BLK)
6. We Got the Power (feat. Noel Gallagher, Jehnny Beth & Little Simz)
7. Humility (feat. George Benson)
8. Magic City​


Mickey Leland would've won
the Blitz House


Mickey Leland would've won
the Blitz House
Does anyone else have some albums they'd like to share? Otherwise it's just me here.

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 12.png

The Beatles - Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest (1987)

1. Once Upon A Long Ago (McCartney)
2. Any Road (Harrison)
3. How Hard It Is (Lennon)
4. Lindiana (McCartney)
5. This Is Love (Harrison)
6. I Don't Wanna Sleep Alone (Lennon)
7. After All These Years (Starkey)

1. Horse to Water (Harrison)
2. One of the Boys (Lennon)
3. Wreck of the Hesperus (Harrison)
4. I Can't Imagine (McCartney)
5. Now and Then (I Miss You) (Lennon)
6. This One (McCartney)
7. Fab (Harrison)​


Mickey Leland would've won
the Blitz House

The Beach Boys - SMiLE (1967)
(All tracks are written by Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks, except where noted)

Side 1
1. Our Prayer (Wilson)
2. Surfs Up
3. Time To Get Alone
4. Heroes and Villains
5. Old Man River

1. She's Going Bald
2. Barnyard
3. Gettin' Hungry (Wilson/Love)
4. Wind Chimes (Wilson)
5. Do You Like Worms?
6. Mrs. O'Leary's Cow (Wilson)

1. Vega-Tables
2. Cabinessence
3. The Old Master Painter (Gillespie)
4. Father of the Man (Song for the Children)
5. Wonderful

1. Good Vibrations (Wilson/Love)
2. My Only Sunshine (Davis/Mitchell)
3. Holidays (Wilson)
4. You're With Me Tonight (Wilson)
5. I Can Hear Music (Barry/Greenwich/Spector)​


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Free People - Graham Lambkin & John Zorn (2018)
1. Intro
2. We Walk Along
3. Alone
4. Move Free
5. New Humans (ft. Jason Lescalleet)
6. Transition

Graham Lambkin's meeting with world-famous composer John Zorn was a strange and interesting return to form for both men. It almost seems as if they both work off each other to create their traditional atmospheres. The best way I can describe this is Salmon Run with Free Jazz instead of Christian Liturgical. It is on here that we see a strange creation work. Lambkin is causing us to appreciate every wavering second. He is breathing, he is living on this microphone. Zorn is causing us to ignore it with his inhuman usage of the saxophone. When the two collide, they create a hellish experience that truly, yes truly, finds "the bottom" of music. 5 stars.
-RYM User "Gentleman_Traficant", 2021​


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X Magazine, Best Albums of the 1980s
  1. Michael Jackson, Alive (1985)
  2. Mavis Staples and Prince, Like Heaven (1988)
  3. Bruce Springsteen, Heartland (1983)
  4. The Beatles, Four of Us (1987)
  5. Madonna, Angel (1984)
  6. Chaka Khan, Good Morning (1982)
  7. David Bowie, The Future (1983)
  8. D.A.I.S.Y., Seeing and Doing (1989) [1]
  9. Willie Nelson, Fourth of July (1985)
  10. Paul Simon and Brian Eno, Ten Thousand Seasons (1988)
CREEM, Greatest Albums of the 1980s
  1. D.A.I.S.Y., Seeing and Doing (1989)
  2. The Clash, Sandinista! (1980)
  3. Eric B. and Rakim, Get Famous (1987)
  4. Mavis Staples and Prince, Like Heaven (1988)
  5. Yellow Magic Orchestra, Human Audio (1983)
  6. XTC, God Only Knows (1984)
  7. KRS-One and Scott LaRock, Fearless (1988)
  8. Lou Reed, New York (1984)
  9. Ghetto Boys, Watch Your Ass (1989)
  10. Roxy Music, Together (1981)
[1] OTL De La Soul

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Diamonds in my eyes is the 24th studio album by English musician David Bowie. Released on 24th December 2015 through Columbia Records and production by Brian Eno and Toby Visconti, the album consolidated Bowie’s return to stardom after his decade long retirement, which had already be hinted by The Next Day (2013).

An avant-garde jazz-pop record, Diamonds in my eyes touches topics such as death (after Bowie’s scare with liver cancer, from which he recovered in spring 2015), politics (famously predicting the result of the upcoming 2016 Brexit referendum), nostalgia and racial relations. Strongly influenced by Kanye West, Brockhampton and the early 2010s vaporwave trend, the sometimes psychedelic lyrics and sounds in each of the twelve songs in the album are reminiscent of his experimental late 70s era.

The album received both the acclaim of the critics and the public, with the title track becoming the first Bowie’s song to reach No 1 at the UK Album’s Chart since Let’s Dance (1983), and the category for Best Rock Album and Best Lead Male Singer in the 2016 Grammys. Eno’s production, the two collaborations with Damon Albarn and Lorde and Bowie’s promotion of the album, which involved a triumphant come back to the media exposure in the form of interviews where he dressed up as his old characters, were particularly praised.

Bowie went back to tour for the first time since 2003. Headlining Glastonbury in 2017, he was embroiled in controversy after his comments on the Clinton administration’s policies in Syria. Diamonds in my eyes remains Bowie’s last album to date, though 2. Void is scheduled for release on 25th September 2021.


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This Is The Place
(the above link goes to a close-enough recobbling using old recordings and fan edits from our timeline)

A Stanley Donwood painting of a sunrise over a tundra, with the title Radiohead: This is the place

1. Lift
2. Big Boots
3. Follow Me Around
4. Big Ideas
5. How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found
6. The National Anthem
7. I Promise
8. True Love Waits
9. Motion Picture Soundtrack

This Is The Place is the fourth album by British rock band Radiohead. It was released in 2000 following a tumultuous and frustrated studio session; upon its release, it received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the composition of many individual songs but panned the album's structure, production, and perceived lack of ambition as a step back from their previous effort, OK Computer. The mixed response would cause the band to enter a prolonged hiatus until finally releasing their fifth album, Burn the Witch!, in 2006. — Britannia Online