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41 BC: If Fulvia Had Brought Down The Republic


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The year following the defeat of Cassius and Brutus at Philippi found Rome in the following situation: Antony was given the Eastern Provinces, Lepidus sidelined and Octavian graduated from junior partner in the Triumvirate to middle child, being in charge of Rome and its massive expenses.

Enter Antony’s brother and consul for 41 BC, Lucius Antonius, and wife Fulvia, who sought to install Caesar’s old general as Rome’s sole ruler. For this purpose they took the cause of Italy’s dispossessed farmers against the inexperienced and unpopular Octavian, gathered 8 legions and occupied Rome.

IOTL Octavian quickly raised enough legions of his own, retook Rome and cornered the rebels at Perusia.

But what if Fulvia and Lucius Antonius had been more successful? What if Lucius had been able to convince Antony’s men in Gaul to support one final campaign for the Republic itself, and give Rome to Mark Antony?