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    Franco assassinated in 1948

    In keeping with what folks have said ITT, I imagine the US would install a pro-US dictator and would use Spain as a testing ground for, say, hardline Austrian economics. God knows, it'd be a different kind of hell for the people of Spain than Francoism, but in the short term it'd turbocharge...
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    F.D.R:No New Deal

    I thought Garner was a conservative who disagreed with a lot of FDR's social and economic policies. Huh.
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    If those who had died in "their time" had lived longer (if Oscar Wilde had seen WWI and other ideas)

    If Miles Davis lived longer, he would have expanded on his vision of jazz rap that he wanted to explore in Doo-Bop. That could have some massive implications for hip hop as a whole. Likewise, J Dilla would've loved to see how hip hop and jazz develops because of his beats. He'd be working with...
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    Harold Wilson, uninterrupted (1964-1974)

    Either Powell or Joseph replaces Heath in 1970. Whoever wins, it sure as hell won't be Gordon Banks ITTL, because that was imo too dystopic. Either way, the Tories probably go through with all the privatisations they went through in Thatcher's first term IOTL, and when the Winter of Discontent...
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    famous smokers killed by it never smoke?

    Nat King Cole probably lives through 2000 at least. No doubt he'll be heavily involved in the civil rights movement, especially if MLK still dies as ITTL. George Harrison would likely still be working to this day, and Louis Armstrong would have a few more years before he passed. Not sure what...
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    Woodrow Wilson doesnt survive major stroke in 1919?

    Ah, bollocks, forgot about Garner. Whoops.
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    Woodrow Wilson doesnt survive major stroke in 1919?

    If Wilson’s death doesn’t force the issue, Harding’s death will definitely scare them half to death. Two presidents dying in office in a row? Heaven forbid! Meanwhile, Marshall’s a lame duck who can’t really do much different from IOTL. I guess he isn’t as stubborn as Wilson about accepting...