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    Consequences in AH: The Beer that Built Your City

    btw BREEAM is the UK equivalent of LEED as far as i can tell.
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    Allohistory Travel Guides

    I have a half written tour around a UK but its japan type thing which ended up being me trying to make the British rail system like the Japanese rail network by brute force
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    The Failure of the Japanese Miracle

    Never peg the Yen to the dollar is my first thought. whilst im unsure how much is will effect the first stage of the economic miracle the later 60s and 70s export driven growth will just not happen at the same rate.
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    A Two Party Japan?

    @Lord Roem is probably better placed than me on this sort of topic. Unless its to do with the architecture of japan. Though my gut feeling is that you would have to generally butterfly away at the very least some of the economic miracle.
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    Unbuilt Paris

    The is of course a notable absence of one proposal by a famous naked architect.
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    Unbuilt Paris

    The I.M. Pei design is better than the arc that was built at La Defense.
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    The Nominative Minefield

    To be fair to the springfield example, picking a random place name would give a fairly common chance of a surname its just it pick one which is clearly a compound descripting placename. Also its interesting to note that japan is now/planning to make all people use the surname first name order...
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    Chains of Consequences: Dirty QWERTY

    I guess it’s the same sort of thing as why China had the printing press way before Europe. But never got into the use of metal elements
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    Unbuilt Moscow

    The Ministry of Labor by the Vesnin Brothers was designed for Moscow, though i was surprised that the Pravda building wasn't Generally when a country wants to project a element of imperialist legitimacy they will default to borrowing that legitimacy off the Romans/Greeks. So once you lose that...
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    Unbuilt Moscow

    No Russian constructionist proposals? That whole 5 year post revolution period was rather interesting, at least till it all went back to classical design.
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    The Rise and Fall (And Possible Rise?) Of Girls Comics, Part Three

    Tbh i think manga is more mass market at least with the compilation magazines or the volumes. But anime, for a Blu-ray of Something like Kaguya-sama love is war. Which was a popular show a year ago, it is £120 for the 12 episodes and some things go for more. It very much seems to become...
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    The Rise and Fall (And Possible Rise?) Of Girls Comics, Part Three

    Yeah pandering exists everywhere its just easier. And tbh the way that the financial model for these sort of things are structured in Japan makes pandering pretty essential.
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    The Rise and Fall (And Possible Rise?) Of Girls Comics, Part Three

    I think the most obvious thing about how there is a well established female Otaku culture in Japan is how there are two anime/manga areas. One which is primarily male aimed and one that is more female named. (And tbh a more pleasant place really)
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    The Rise and Fall (And Possible Rise?) Of Girls Comics, Part Three

    I suspect that i probably watch more or at least 50/50 Shojo and Otome (female targetted) anime as male targeted anime.
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    An Ocean of Flame: "Roll Northumbria" and Alternate History

    Im sometimes amazed that an oil tanker never broke up around guernsey, considering how many ships broke up in the 1950s, 60s and 70s