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    The Fifteenth HoS Challenge

    The Seventh Party System In the summer of 2016, the unthinkable would happen - an assassin's bullet would rob the Republicans of their... unconventional nominee. Donald Trump had died, but to those who supported him, he had become more than a martyr - he had become an icon. But they would have...
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    AH Run-downs, summaries and general gubbins

    PLANET OF THE FREE An American ISOT The United States of America (#3b3b6d) On July 4, 2026 - 250 years to the day after America liberated itself from the British Empire - the nation was liberated from the shackles of its world. As the firework-ash settled and Americans headed off to sleep...
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    Tibby's Graphics and Grab-Bag Thread.

    Does the voting take place through chats? If so, A.
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    The Year of the Five Presidents 45. Donald Trump (R-NY) - January 20, 2017 - January 17, 2021 [1] 2016 - def. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) / Tim Kaine (D-VA) 46. Mike Pence (R-IN) - January 17, 2021 - January 20, 2021 [2] 47. Joe Biden (D-DE) - January 20, 2021 - July 16, 2021 [3] 2020 - def. Donald...
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    AH Run-downs, summaries and general gubbins

    Factional Rundown of the State of Nicaragua, c. 1953 loosely based on an AH.com election game that I was in Grenadier Party - Formed by the group of filibusterers that would overthrow the Nicaraguan government and secure its annexation into the Union, the Grenadier Party is just a formalized...
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    List of Triumvirs of the American Republic A note on format - the bolded candidate is the one that has recently been elevated / re-elevated to power, with the format being Class 1 / Class 2 / Class 3. Triumvirs are elected much like senators. If a triumvir is unable to complete his term, it is...
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    SLP 'Telephone' Maps and Graphics Game

    It's certainly not the best piece of media - I'm not too experienced with graphics, so I hope this was a somewhat decent start.
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    Chains of Consequences: How William Jennings Bryan Caused A Jeb Bush Gaffe

    I had my hopes up for William Jennings Bryan somehow inspiring the "please clap" incident. I also now want to see an ASB timeline in which an immortal Bryan somehow manages to finally become president in 2008, after more than a century of being defeated.
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    1912 - [A Collaborative Timeline]

    It's already been established that a Franco-German rapproachment began in 1916, and from the way I see it, that would be very hard with the conditions that were in place in 1912. I reasoned that one way to help facilitate that rapproachment would be a solving of the Alsace-Lorraine crisis - if...
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    1912 - [A Collaborative Timeline]

    1917 Europe: January 1: Italy officially leaves the Triple Alliance, as it begins to court a relationship with Britain. January 18-19: Grigori Rasputin, a mystic who had gained favor with Tsar Nicholas II, tries to supplant Grand Duke Michael as Regent. However, his unpopularity, especially...
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    1912 - [A Collaborative Timeline]

    I'll be claiming 1917. The post should be out today or tomorrow.
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    1912 - [A Collaborative Timeline]

    Right now, no-one's claimed for 1917. If anyone wants to, they're welcome to, but if no-one claims by tomorrow morning EST (around 10 hours from when I post this), I'll claim 1917 and I should have it out within a day or two. ITTL, Roosevelt managed to get the Republican nomination, so he's...
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    Germany Fights On, 1919

    I'd think that it's inevitable that the Germans would lose the war - I think the question is how bad they would lose the peace. Something comparable to Versailles would likely be viewed as too light - at this point, Germany may be looking at being forcibly disunified into several states again...
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    1912 - [A Collaborative Timeline]

    When I wrote that, I tried to convey that he was received warmly by the general British public, not the government. I agree that the British government would not have been so inclined towards Martov, but I reasoned that in the minds of the British public, he was a hero, and an uninformed...
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    1912 - [A Collaborative Timeline]

    Even so, the Duma was the closest thing to a Parliament that Russia had, and considering what happened in England when the monarch dissolved Parliament, I'd say that Martov would have at least some support.