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    No War Outbreak in 1914: Impact on UK Domestically

    I definitely think the momentum was towards Scottish Home Rule though I must admit my expertise is really with interwar Scotland as opposed to the pre-1914 situation. The big question would be whether events in Ireland would affect the Liberals domination of Scottish politics allowing the...
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    British Republic PODs and Discussion

    I certainly think there is potential for a British Republic to arise during the period between 1919 and 1926 as there were certainly a number of revolutionary moments that could have developed during that period of immense civil strife.
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    No Battle of Culloden; Effect on the Highlands

    I guess I would take the 1/3 "Couldn't Care Less" to be those who had made their peace with the Claim of Right of 1689 and so supported/were members of the Established Kirk (but who if the Episcopalians had won whould have been members of the Established Episcopal Kirk.) The interesting thing...
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    No Battle of Culloden; Effect on the Highlands

    Exactly, though the aristocracy will be as divided as the rest of the populace with the majority backing the current status quo. There's a really fascinating scenario that could come out of this set-up but it would probably take an incredible amount of original research to try and create a...
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    No Battle of Culloden; Effect on the Highlands

    This fundamentally changes Scottish history. Primarily because it means that Presbyterianism never manages to fully win against the Episcopalians who in OTL dwindled to a small minority over the later half of the 18th century due to the level of persecution they faced after the '45. If due to...
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    There Shall Be a Scottish Assembly - Yes in 1979

    Alas I don't have any more information than that I'm afraid. I saw their leaflet once when researching the subject but I seem to lack any record I can find. My gut feeling is that they were the Liberal Lords who pushed for this amendment to the Scotland Act of 1978: "The members of which shall...
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    There Shall Be a Scottish Assembly - Yes in 1979

    Very interesting so far. I don't know if you know but there was an aristocratic funded campaign in 1978 calling for Proportional Representation to be the electoral system of the proposed Scottish Assembly. I believe their plan was to keep campaigning once the devolution referendum was won so...