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    Nahuatl remains language of New Spain

    Bit late to the party here but as per Wiki on the Nahuatl language, the spreading of Nahuatl into other areas under the Spanish actually happened due to the use of Tlaxaltec soldiery as auxiliaries and garrison troops. It would not therefore be so strange to find Nahuatl speaks in Central...
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    The Write Stuff: Exercise is good for you

    I meant in your lifetime as a writer rather than a single project!
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    The Write Stuff: Exercise is good for you

    Good read and something quite resonant. Reminds me of one or my favourite resources, Writing Excuses - a fifteen minute writing podcast about various topics relating to the business of writing and publishing, always ending with a prompt. The tag line? We're out of time and you're out of excuses...
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    House of Bacch Zine

    Hi, so the art is Nicholas of Myra saves an innocent by the Russian artist Vasnetsov. Winsen did some post-process and worked the cover design and assets. Src: am Simon Thursday and picked the original image.