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    Review: Very British Dystopias

    You are mixing them up, Jan. In the book, the media are distracted by the Downing St press office (I can't remember how) whilst the Foreign Secretary sneaks out of the country for a whirlwind trip round several Gulf states, returning with a VC10 cargo-hold full of petrodollars.
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    I guess Kratman just doesn't listen to hiphop.
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    Review: The Big One Series

    Ah, I wondered why I couldn't get a TBO membership (so I could continue following JN1's excellent The Last War* story) when the fiction went behind-closed-doors. Embarrassing to admit, but up until just now I thought that Slade had me on a personal ban-list for being left-wing on AH.com. I now...
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    Review: The Big One Series

    Biggest flaw I found with the book was editing. As a reader, I already knew the book began as a series of online posts, so eg, when out of nowhere it has a Goodyear Corsair pilot especially enjoying demolishing Notre Dame cathedral with 20mm cannon, I knew that was Slade tipping his hat to an...
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    Scenes We'd Like To See: Alternate Movies, Television & Other Pop Culture Miscellanea

    When I read the book, shortly before the film came out, in my mind's-eye William of Baskerville was Alan Bennett and Adso of Melk was Derek Nimmo.
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    Moorcock would read mean if he were writing out a Mother's Day card.
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    Should the Writing forum be made public?

    It'd honestly never occurred to me that only members can read the writing on here. I feel quite privileged now, and resolve to be a less lazy consumer and comment more often.
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    Are You Sure You Want To Like This?

    Many thanks Arta :) I'd have been awake all night wondering about it if you hadn't told me.
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    Are You Sure You Want To Like This?

    I've been asked this a couple as times recently, something which never happened before. It's no big deal, I've no problem with clicking a confirmation, I'm just curious why it's started to happen now and why it seems so random. In neither case was the post I 'liked' particularly controversial...
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    Moonbase, Episode 5: A World Apart, Part 5

    Could it be that there only ever were 49 people on the mission? If the journey to the moon in a cavorite ship were nothing like on a rocket, rather a gentle float from Earth all the way up on a large, roomy space-yacht with no need for everybody to be strapped into seats and instead wandering...
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    What if Gordon Banks had Played

    Oh indeed, I don't think the hubris factor can be overstated there. That probably started around the time she began asking "Is he one of us?" about appointments; something which should be anathema to a meritocrat. Thatcher in WIGBHP is not OTL Thatcher, of course, and if butterflies can affect...
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    What if Gordon Banks had Played

    I think the shrieking references were a comedic dig about her having IRL elocution lessons upon reaching Shadow Ministerial level. Prior to those, she had a voice you could cut glass with. Public Order Act 1986. I wasn't actually there for the prior 'Battle of the Beanfield', but I was at...
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    Ignore Threads/Forums

    I don't know if SLP has grown to the point where you take out actual advertisements yet, but this would make a wonderful hookline when you do.
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    AH Run-downs, summaries and general gubbins

    I wouldn't use "parasexual", I think the term "paralympic" is so entrenched in people's minds that first thought will be of sex for disabled people; which hopefully by the time of your TL is no longer considered weird. Like @Artaxerxes says, "kink" is a bit broad. Back in the late 80s, when I...
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    Least favorite alt-history story?

    FYFY. Have at it!