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    Africa during the Scramble: The Last Kingdom

    Wasn't this trick used in the very first recorded treaty, between the Egyptians and the Hittites, where the wording in the two versions was carefully different in order to save face?
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    Archie joins the Crusades (part 2)

    @Charles EP M. would you mind me announcing this one tomorrow so it's not overshadowed by our latest book release?
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    Africa during the Scramble: The Last Kingdom

    Fun fact, someone with Ethiopian connections once wrote to Tolkien asking if that's where he'd got the name, and he wrote back saying it was a coincidence, as Gondor was originally called Ondor in early drafts before he added the G. I'd argue that the idea of a European vs North African split...
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    Africa during the Scramble: The Last Kingdom

    Has anyone ever done a thing about Russian White emigrés helping Ethiopia in return for carving out a niche for themselves there? Seems like the sort of thing that could have happened.
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    Election maps and assorted others

    Senior citizens party I believe - I remember them being talked about in the brief heyday of those parties in the early 2000s, along with 50+ in the Netherlands and that one in Scotland. Obviously the German one has the best/most ridiculous name. I've been reposting the ideology articles by...
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    Africa during the Scramble: The Last Kingdom

    I like this point being highlighted; I think there is a tendency in AH to fall back on a gradualist view of history that suggests country XYZ is doomed starting from an ineluctable trend of decline centuries ago, and you have to go back to a POD so early that the end result is unsatisfyingly...
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    Crossing the Isthmus: Alternative Canals of Central America

    Excellent article. There has been so much AH speculation about this that I struggled a bit to come up with something different for LTTW - probably just as well I hadn't heard of that ship rail or I'd have been tempted to do that! (What I did in the end, for the uninitiated, is have a setup...
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    PODs of the Thirty Years War XXVII

    This makes me realise that the Thirty Years' War is crying out for a European version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
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    Nanwe's Maps and Graphics Thread

    Fantastic work @Nanwe. I'm beginning to think that Paddy Ashdown's logic was ensuring that there are so many elected offices that they're occupied by the entire Bosnian population and so nobody is left outside the building to start trouble again.
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    Chains of Consequences: The Little Matter of VE Day

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    Kindle rankings

    I bought copies of the first two yesterday, so I guess that shows how much these charts are impacted by one sale...
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    Coco and the Grenade

    I was going to say, the dates wouldn't fit for it being before he started his writing career, so...that's something. Puts my trip to Limehouse to stare at a wall in perspective.
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    Coco and the Grenade

    A well-told tale. Did I read that right that Le Carré was there at one point?
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    New Democratic is probably so popular because that was the actual rebranding that Macmillan wanted to use for the Tories. We have a bias towards the 20th century, of course - if there were more 19th century lists, 'Moderate' (as Lord Derby's preferred rebrand of the Tories over 'Conservative')...
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    The History of the Secret Ballot

    Excellent subject choice!