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    Best Pre-AH.com Internet Alternate History

    For All Time was the timeline that led me to the AH online community due to being hosted on AH.com back in the day; I think it was similar for many people, so it probably ranks as one of the most influential works (if one that shows its flaws very readily). What If Gordon Banks Had Played...
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    The Sixteen States of America

    You wanted to make another of your stealth LTTW references, admit it
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    Crisis? What Crisis? - An immersive alternate 1979

    I saw the show again last night. In fact, I ended up in charge* the Civil Unrest/union negotiation side of things *
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    Alternative Alternate Leaders of the Labour Party

    Jonathan Edelstein used Wells as Britain's first Socialist Labour PM in Male Rising, albeit in a party system that was already radically different. Barbara Castle is an interesting one, though I keep having to remind myself it's happened in two SLP works so far (she becomes leader in Agent...
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    Granadaland: What if we still had 'Television for the North'?

    Inspired by Mazdaposting; don't say I didn't warn you. When commercial television was launched in the United Kingdom in 1954 under the auspices of the Independent Television Authority (which ran ITV, or 'Channel 3' to the sequentially-minded), the franchise for the North of England was...
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    AH On Screen: Wider Acceptance or Latest Fad?

    I do feel the SS-GB adaptation gets a bit of an unfair rap on this forum. It’s by no means perfect (Archer’s voice and that final scene are the ones that spring to mind, along with some of the pacing changes), but it also addresses some of the problems and faults of the book. The climactic...
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    Lists of Heads of Government and Heads of State

    ‘A New England’ was right there
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    AHC: Alternate Longest Ruling Leaders

    I know, and he probably has the best shit of all the ones mentioned on this thread to actually do it. I just couldn’t resist the obvious snark.
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    For King & Country: An immersive theatre experience based on Operation Sea Lion

    It was the lavender pocket-square what won it
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    The SLP Flag Thread

    The orange-black-brown combination makes me think of a post-*Apartheid Boer state.
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    According to Wikipedia, they were a league team for about twenty years before WWI. Two things I learnt from the resultant Wikitunnel: Middlesbrough Ironopolis have the best suffix There was (briefly) a league team in Bootle, which would have made my previous Mersey-centric post so much easier*...
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    Football PoDs and alternate possibilities.

    This is appropriate, given one that occurred to me while perusing the non-league results this morning: alternate club suffixes. Not necessarily for existing teams, just ones that aren't as common as the usual suspects (United, Rovers, Town, City, Albion, Wanderers...). To start with: Social...
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    Advancements in technologies made obsolete before they were perfected IOTL

    A borderline case (related to my previous one) - audio amplification. In virtually every context imaginable, vacuum-tube amplification has been superseded by transistor and digital methods on account of the latter being smaller, lighter, cheaper and more durable. The only real trade-off is that...
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    Advancements in technologies made obsolete before they were perfected IOTL

    One field related to the airship discussion is that of ocean liners. There undoubtedly continue to be colossal improvements in shipbuilding technology, but there has been no Blue Riband holder since 1952. Imagine how Queen Mary 2 might look if she were expected not only to be the height of...