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I don't know whether you ever recommended "La Presidente", but recently I read the German translation. Sure, I don't know many French politicians besides the big names, but at least have heard of Raspail and Hellbaker, as I insist calling him. Yeah, not a fan.

How did you like it? How realistic do you think it is?
Max Sinister
About Jour J I know from the other place, but AFAIK there's no German translation.

Didn't know there was more than one volume of "La Presidente" - doesn't it end with her saying "I don't know"?
Yes, that's the first one. Two more were published later and show how the Le Pen presidency unfolds in the following years, but I haven't read them.
Max Sinister
Ah yes. In Germany, we haven't heard of them, and (Judging from reading French WP, so sorry, spoilers.)
since Frauke Petry decided to leave the AfD on the very day they were elected to the Bundestag
, it's become AltHist, as things look. Better in a certain way. Still wouldn't mind reading them in German or English, my French is somewhat improve-worthy.
Sometimes I see a post and enjoy it, but then I see the number of likes the post has and think, "Yeah, that's about the right number of likes for that post" so don't like it myself.
Never ask:
A WOMAN her age
A MAN his salary
AN AMERICAN their opinion about Northern Ireland
Hi Chris! In case you didn't notice, I'm nowadays banned from the other place as well. (Send me a PM if you want to know more.)

The number of AH novels you wrote is sheer overwhelming! Which ones would you recommend for a start?