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Was reading through the 93rd thread on a whim out of remembering Mark Harper and I'm really surprised no-one told Young Me to shut up, I was so annoying back then.
Following some insight into his gubernatorial candidacy, I have reached the conclusion that Lee Carter sucks
Hey BlackentheBorg

Kind of a weird question here, but have you heard of Kaiserreich?
I'm aware of it.
Oh, okay.

Shared your Alex Skarlatos scenario with a friend on the Other Place - he really liked it!
He said that doing a scenario where the US is dominated by a Democratic Party is hijacked by left-wing entryists (and composed of multiple factions similarly to the Labour Party in Kaiserreich's Union of Britain) would be an interesting take on future America's politics.
I hope you don't mind if I share this with you, it's more of a minor comment than anything else.
I have been trying in vain to post a pun for the past five minutes!

I have no mouth, and I must meme!
It has now been over three hours since my last shitpost