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WI: Zhang Zuolin stays put.


A shade of indigo
Manchuria in the warlord era was one of China's most industrial and richest parts led by Zhang Zuolin, however it was wasted away when Zhang invaded and started the second Zhili-Fengtian war. The aftermath of the conflict opened up the way for Northern Expedition to de-jure unify China under the KMT banner. However, if Zhang Zuolin stays in Manchuria doing pro-Japanese things. I would assume the Japanese invasion would be butterflied away. I could also see the KMT being stuck under the Yangtze and still being Pro-Soviet like the Kemalists in Turkey were. Xinjiang would still be under Soviet influence probably since it already was even under Jiang Jieshi's government. This would completely change East Asian politics. If Japan still has a desire for military glory would they put more credence in a strike north plan or just sit and wait?