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WI: No Renner Government / Soviet Liberation of Vienna ?


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Reading up on early Cold War Austria, it appears that the Western Allies originally had no intention of re-establishing the 1920 Austrian Constitution and would have instead preferred a bottom-up reconstruction of the Austrian state like how things happened in Germany.

Instead, the Soviet recognition and support for the Vienna-based ÖVP-SPÖ-KPÖ government led by Karl Renner was unexpected and would ultimately force them to recognize the government as well.

However, let's say that the Soviets never liberate and occupy Vienna, leading to no actual Renner government. Even if the Western Allies were to withdraw from Austria to allow the Soviet Union to occupy a part of the country, what could said government look like?

In 1945, the landeshuaptmann appointed by the Western Allies were men like Karl Gruber, conservative but with anti-Nazi, sometimes even anti-Austrofascist, credentials, and in the case of Gruber heavily involved in the anti-Nazi Austrian resistance movement in Tyrol.

So that's my question, what could Austrian politics look like in the aftermath of WWII and further down the line if there is ultimately no Soviet sponsorship of Renner's government? Would the Allies sponsor some sort of Länderkonferenz to begin working on a constitution? What would the political class look like? More conservative but more openly critical of Nazism's role in Austria? Less willing to be neutralist than Figl or Renner?