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What if Gordon Banks had Played


Very perverse themes expressed
Thanks David, as to your last point Third Force and Ulster Resistance is used almost interchangeably by current commentators so there definitively seems to be the belief that its a continuation of the previous organisation.

Omund the Wooden-Leg

Chazadjin Marmaduke Brandybuck
When I was reading "Shuffling The Deck", and came upon the short tangent on "For Want Of A Glove", I merely thought "ooh", and moved on. It was only when I was found and read the "For All Time" thread (on 11,718.04.18) H.E.), and the description for "W.I.G.B.H.P?" that I remembered "F.W.O.A.G." in "Shuffling the Deck". *smiles* that was a reference to "-Gordon Banks-", wasn't it?

Charles EP M.

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Part way in and got to:

"Isn't that a bit harsh, Willie?" Geoffrey Howe said eventually.
Whitelaw took his glasses off, "Sounds so when you list it like that. Most of these things are never going to be used and in any case it is only during a state of emergency.
There's great big stormclouds outside, sure that's a coincidence.

Charles EP M.

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"There is no point in wasting our time with counterfactuals"
Fnar fnar

Good rollicking stuff that builds and builds until you've accidentally fallen into ethnic cleansing, though it is weakened by the very "shrill" Thatcher and the use of Mysterious MI5 Happenings to cause key events (which is fine if we've built up to them like we built up to the dictatorship but they're going KILL MINISTERS from the jump). I do love the transitional authority getting bogged down in who exactly will be in it


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Read it years ago and don't think he'd have gone that far. In real life, this would have probably put me on the Left rather than the Right.