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Titanic Alternatives



If the orders had been:
Hard a starboard
Port propeller full ahead
Starboard propeller full astern
Would the ship have swung enough to clear the iceberg or opened less compartments?

If not what sort of orders might have opened less compartments or missed the iceberg completely please?
Without time travellers fore knowledge or smashing head long into the iceberg (not an option).


So What If Titanic had hit the berg on the Port side instead of the starboard side?

Or if the order had been 'hard a' port' ?

Impact question- Titanic only opens 5 compartments - boiler room 5 is untouched in this case:

Is the sinking still invertible?

How much extra time does a 5 compartment flood buy?

If you add in frotting, pumps etc how much more does that add as well?
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