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This Day in alternate history


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August 15–17, 1969

Folk singer Charles Manson played for thousands of young people for the Woodstock concert. When asked if he was a hippie ,Manson said "I was born in 1934 am a beatneck".

September 15.1969

Frank Zappa and his followers known as the mothers of invention were arrested for the brutal slaying of 7 people in laurel canyon. Zappa and his followers believed the world would end once president Johnson ate the yellow snow .



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May 8 1963
First James Bond film is released ,dr. no Sean Connery plays 007 James Bond. Annette Funicello is the first bond girl.


January 20.1969
Robert Frances's Kennedy brother of slain 35th president John FitzGerald Kennedy sworn in as 37th president of the united states after defeating Richard Nixon and George Wallace last November.