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The Write Stuff: Character and Supercharacter


Nothing ever ends
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There was the whole sequence with the Rohan refugees.
Granted, but they don't show up until the narrative requires them to. Again, it may be different in the book.

Something that occurs to me is that where Peter Jackson came up short as a filmmaker, is that he failed to make Middle Earth feel lived in. Visually gorgeous though it is, it's still mere scenery for the heroes and villains to do battle in. That's quite the paradox considering that LOTR is considered the epitome of fantasy worldbuilding. Contrast with the Star Wars movies, which despite their numerous flaws have settings that feel like more than elaborate props. When Luke and Obi-Wan step in the Mos Eisley cantina, in a few seconds the viewers get to feel that this could be a real place and that every single one of the patrons has their own backstory independent of the main plot (which they do, even if the book is non-canon). But which supporting character in LOTR feels like they could have a backstory? The Prancing Pony innkeeper?