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The SLP Flag Thread


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It's always struck me that one of the noticeable things in AH is a distinct lack of boring tricolour flags. This is kind of a subset of the thing I like to raise about how AH flags are often 'unrealistically good' compared to OTL flags, which are often dashed off on the back of a fag packet by people in the middle of a battle who don't know the rules of vexillology. OTL has already given us many, many boring tricolour flags, both horizontal and vertical, but there are still plenty of colour combinations that haven't been explored (or perhaps only explored in obscure examples). Here's a few - feel free to recolour the image if you have ideas of your own. What might these be?

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I’ve used the horizontal red-white-purple for a socialist revolutionary Britain in the 1920s. It’s probably my favourite flag colour combination/design.


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I think the top ones are from a world where Fallout is all 1970s aesthetics rather than 50s and some post-apocalyptic society has made a flag out of the only materials to hand, namely shag pile carpets.
I was about to set of a Klaxon for @Thande designing a flag without red, white or blue on it, unlike literally every other flag but Jamaica (this is the only flag fact I know)

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Federation of Salish

From Essays of Salish - Will Whitefeather MacAndrew:
It would be honest to say the Event that transported a portion of the American Northwest to what we now call Cascadia or Cascade IV was not a total calamity to the State of Washington and Province of British Columbia. While a sizeable fraction would die from the panic riots and the slow transition to sustainable agriculture most of the administration survived to provide continuity...
...'s death in 33rd Cycle broke the last link to the previous Governors and formalized the replacement of Provisional Joint Administration with the Assembly of Salish, significant autonomy being granted to what were then called the First Nations due to their involvement in food provision in early cycles...
The flag of Salish, the new nation named for the area transported to this planet, and deliberately not titled beyond Salish, was designed by my forebear Neal Seahawk MacAndrew towards the end of the JPA and deliberately evokes the previous flags - blue stripes for Columbia, green for Washington, gold sun for Columbia while also reminiscent of the Washington seal, overlapping white stars for unification and on red to emulate several First Nation emblems...
...shock when in the 41st Cycle Salish traders alerted to abandoned farms found the last remnants of the transported State of California...declared union in memoriam and adopted an altered flag by including a red stripe, said flag being one of the variants proposed by my forebear in 31...



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I was about to set of a Klaxon for @Thande designing a flag without red, white or blue on it, unlike literally every other flag but Jamaica (this is the only flag fact I know)
Ghana Cameroon Senegal Guinea-Bissau Cabo Verde


Sorry, sunshine, wrong place
All of those have at least one of red, white or blue on them though??
Cape Verde's, furthermore, is all three - it basically looks like a ripoff of the EU flag at first without realizing the circle of stars is offset and three additional bands - two white, one red - are added.

But yeah, the Klaxon does sound like a difficult challenge. Difficult but not impossible.


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The below is something I've been experimenting with for Fashions Made Sacred.

Flag of the Republic of Spain (size adjusted).png

This is the flag of the República Española, usually called the Republic of Spain in English, which was formed in the early twentieth century after the expulsion of the last Habsburg monarch from the peninsula. Spain is a plutocratic republic, where only property owners may vote, and in which the legislature - the Cortes Generales - is dominated by powerful guilds and large companies, which are themselves dominated by a broad class of wealthy regional political families.

The flag sits upon a blue bar representing the open water, where Spain has historically been dominant; resting on either side are a very traditional Spanish symbol, the Pillars of Hercules, which represent the gates of the Mediterranean Sea into the Atlantic Ocean. The traditional crowns upon the pillars in historical royal Spanish coats of arms have been replaced with Phrygian caps - though asymmetric ones, which reflects the crowns being traditionally asymmetric in the royal coats of arms.

The central symbol is a republican reimagining of another traditional symbol of Spain - the Yoke and Arrows (which, OTL, is often associated with the Falange, but the symbol dates back to the fifteenth century -- "Yoke and Arrows" is, in 15th century Spanish, a cypher for the Catholic Monarchs (el yugo y las flechas -> Ysabel y Fernando)). The specific number arrows represents the sixteen regions of Spain, historically 'kingdoms': Algeciras, Aragón, Castilla, Córdoba, Galicia, Gibraltar, Granada, Islas Canarias, Jaén, León, Mallorca, Murcia, Navarra, Sevilla, Toledo and Valencia. The Yoke has been intentionally simplified down to its most basic form, as though to shed it of its original 'crowning' adornments.

Also imprinted on the flag, in great letters, is the national motto of Spain - and, yes, I know, this is generally considered poor flag design, but it's supposed to seem like an actual flag. The motto is based on the historical Spanish motto Plus ultra, meaning "Further beyond". The full motto, Hispania plus ultra, is intended to imply "Spain and further beyond", though this is not what it actually means in Latin.


Sorry, sunshine, wrong place
Something I just concocted for the other place as a joke on the whole "my ideal America is one that's actually British" thing, using the full Great Seal of the United States and modifying the colors of the Red Ensign to match the official specs for the US flag's colors. Yes, I know the Great Seal's centering is not right and doesn't match on both ends. Anyway -