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The Advice and The Appellant, by SJ Reynolds


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Recently came across


which seem to have AH-vibes.

2 short pieces of fiction in the form of legal advice / decisions... the laws and people are fictitious. As I enjoy reading real OTL legal advice and decisions for fun, I am unsurprised at enjoying these.
I suspect they are intended to be dystopic or as "warnings" rather than AH. The Advice might be more FH than AH (depressingly so), but I could probably think of a plausible POD for The Appellant (eugenics less discredited by association with the Nazis, perhaps).
Reminds me a bit of Un-Fascist Britain, as discussed back in the days of Soc.history.what-if (showing my age, there!)... ("Clearly the British Government isn't Fascist, as it is British. And if Sir continues to suggest otherwise, I am afraid I will have to consider Sir to be Unwell, as defined by the Mental Health Act.")
Given the structure of these sorts of legal documents, which often try to summarise a lengthy history of the case, and often discuss other related and historical cases, I am surprised more AH doesn't use them as "sources". On the other hand, possibly people-other-than-me wouldn't enjoy the format as much as I do...