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Kerguelen's House of Horrors

Satan Lives in Hollywood
  • Kerguelen

    Professional E-Sports Failure

    1941-1943: Franklin D. Roosevelt/ Henry Wallace (Democratic) *
    def. 1932: Wendell Willkie/ Charles L. McNary (Republican)

    1944-1945: Henry Wallace/ vacant (Democratic)
    1945-1947: Henry Wallace/ Joseph P. Kennedy **

    def. 1944: Douglas Macarthur/ Earl Warren (Republican), Richard Russell Jr./ Chauncey Sparks (Independent Democratic)

    1947-1949: Joseph P. Kennedy/ vacant (Democratic)
    1949-1957: Joseph P. Kennedy/ Claude Pepper (Democratic)
    def. 1948: Thomas S. Dewey / Alexander Wiley (Republican), Benjamin S. Laney/ Richard Russell Jr. (Independent Democratic)
    def. 1952: Thomas S. Dewey /Forrest Donnell (Republican), Glen Taylor/ Helen Douglas (Progressive)

    1957-1959: William Knowland/ George H. Bender (Republican) ***
    def. 1956: Sherwood Dixon/ Allan Shivers (Democratic)

    1959-1961: George H. Bender/ Frederick Payne (Republican)

    1961-19XX: Ronald Reagan/ Price Daniel (Democratic)

    def. 1960: George H. Bender/ Frederick Payne (Republican)

    * Assassinated on accident
    ** Assassinated on purpose
    *** Resigned to focus on "personal matters"
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