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doctor who alternate history megathread

for all imaginary alternate who stuff!
scenario 1
pertwee season 12
1. Robot
2. Ark in space ( John Lucroatti Version)
3.Revenge Of The Cybermen (same title different story set entirely on Voga)
4.the wendigo ( new story with alien twist on classic beast written by Phillip Hintchiffe)
5. Return of the Spiders (Pertwee regenerates to Ian McDiarmind)
Mcdiarmind Season 13
1.Genesis of the Daleks
2. The Beast In the Mist ( new story featuring alien dinosaur-Harry leaves)
3. The Sontaran Investigation ( set in England 1601 the doctor and Sarah prevent queen liz from getting killed by the Sontarans)
4. The Secret of Morbius (Brain of Morbius otl)
5.The Stone Army (terracotta warriors come to life under alien influence)
6. The Lost Legion (Based on otl unmade story Sarah gets killed)
Mcdiarmind Season 14
1. Flight Of The Comet (introduces Jean Marsh's commander Juliet Lewis)
2. Image Of The Fendhal
3. The Plague Of Death (OTL'S survivors series backdoor pilot by Terry Nation)
4. The Pescatons
5. Phyrric Victory (Phyrrus pure historical)
6. Pyramids Of Mars
Mcdiarmind season 15
1. The Mandragora Helix
2.Eldrad Must Live
3. The Secret Of Gabriel Chase (OTL's Ghost Light made Earlier)
4. The Time Train ( a bit like the chase in that multiple time periods are visited
5. Phantoms Of the Planet ( Planet Of Evil Retitled)
6. Land Of The Dead ( the Master played by Geoffrey Palmer Debuts)

Charles EP M.

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or Colin Baker not getting fired in 1986
That one would mean John Nathan-Turner goes instead - as this was Michael Grade's demand, assuming JN-T wouldn't - so this has a huge change. For one thing, there's no Andrew Cartmel because he was JN-T's hire; for another, how many of the S24-26 writers would get their shot without JN-T (who boosted new writers) and Cartmel, and what would their stories look like if not for the Cartmel Masterplan? Severely unlikely someone as new as Ben Aaronovitch is going to be writing a big Dalek story!