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Cikka’s Arguably Failing Attempt To Motivate Herself, A Test Thread

Yokai Man

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God that would be fucking shit. But yeah, a world where there’s still like statewide Leftist Parties and Progressive Populism or Fiscal Conservatism is a good way to win a Governor’s seat.
''Progressive Congressman/Senator Joseph McCarthy'' is an interesting possibility,given his opportunism and the power that the party would have had in Wisconsin in a No New Deal world.

Time Enough

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''Progressive Congressman/Senator Joseph McCarthy'' is an interesting possibility,given his opportunism and the power that the party would have had in Wisconsin in a No New Deal world.
It’s not that out there for him to still be a massive demagogue too.

Progressive Governor Joseph McCarthy causing a Statewide Governmental Crisis sounds about right for him.

Yokai Man

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I was thinking Mid to Late 50s here, where the LaFollette’s probably have fallen out of fashion slightly.
If that happens (which honestly I find it kind of unlikely),we mustn't forget that by 1953 McCarthy's alcoholism was at its height,being visibly drunk during Senate hearings and dying in '57 because of it so I'd imagine his Governor run either doesn't happen because of it or it falls apart quickly due to him being drunk all the time.


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The Red On The White
xxxx-1903: Nicholas "Santa" Claus (Claus Oligarchy)
1903-1911: Roald N. "Santa" Claus (Claus Oligarchy)
1903-1917: Roald N. "Santa" Claus (Production Party)

def. Snap Crispie (Elves United)
1916 def. Snap Crispie (Elves United)

1917-1925: Bibbley Bobbley (Revolutionary Elven Syndicate of Toymakers)
1917, contested def. Crackle Crispie (Elves United)
1925-1925: Rudolph "Red Nose" Reindeer (Revolutionary Elven Syndicate of Toymakers)
1925-1930: Rudolph "Red Nose" Reindeer (Revolutionary Syndicates)
1930-1937: Dancer Reindeer (Counter-Revolutionary Claus Loyalists)
1937-xxxx: Amelia Earhart (American Protectorate)

Grandma? Can you tell us a Christmas story?

Ok, darlings!
In 1903, Nicholas Claus finally dropped the paramount responsibility of his role of controlling the Republic of the North Pole, an apparently united front of Humans, Elves, and various animals, to his son, Roald Nicholas. The family had been in control of the Republic since time immemorial, and had spent their time giving gifts to children around the world. To the very few in the know in "the outside" about the microstate, the Claus family were viewed as an oddity, but in the end decent rulers.

Unfortunately, not all was as it seemed in the little republic. Having dropped their monarchical title years before in an attempt to seem more democratic, the Claus family had an iron grip on toymaking facilities in the North. The working population of the factories consisted almost entirely of Elves, and a few token bears toiled daily on toys for all the children of the world. On Christmas 1903, the day before Santa and his loyal generals would begin their distribution process, many Elves in the Toy Train factory in the North of the massive compound performed a sit-in strike.

This did not go well. Roald Claus decided the best response to this would simply be to send in the troops. The elves were slaughtered, with the exception of a handful. One of these handful was named Bibbley Bobbley, who had been working in the toy train factory for the past forty years, ever since Christmas Magic produced him. Bobbley was a productive worker, but barely had enough cookies and milk to feed his family. In the aftermath of the strike, Bobbley peeled what he needed to about political theory from the book production section of the compound. Bobbley produced a political manifesto in 1904, called "Toymaker's Solidarity".

Toymaker's Solidarity was quickly discovered and banned, but over the next thirteen years there were near-constant strikes. In 1911, there was the Great Tragedy, when those at the Toy Soldier factory were brutally ripped apart with bayonets. Claus realised the need for change, and held an election in 1912, thankfully rigged in his favour. Those who followed "Toymaker's Solidarity". now organised in the Revolutionary Elven Syndicate of Toymakers, or REST, refused to run, referring to Claus as a tyrant.

REST proceeded through the 1910's becoming increasingly brazen in their attacks, kidnapping Mrs. Tabitha Claus in 1915, before being tracked down and the kidnappers hanged publicly. Then, on Christmas 1917, Claus was preparing to deliver toys to the children, when a bomb, powered by pure Christmas Magic, went off in his sleigh. He was killed instantly. Over the next six days, a disorganised Claus family failed to prevent the revolutionary tide, as their palace was overtaken. On New Year's Eve 1917, Bibbley Bobbley was sworn in as President of the Worker's Republic of the North Pole. REST had won.

Bobbley started by doing what he believed was right, and called an election. However, intense voter intimidation led to his main opponent, prominent businessman Crackle Crispie, declaring election fraud. He was driven out of the Republic, and later went into business with his brothers in the United States. But now, Bobbley had absolute power. The constitutional convention was riven with complications, and led to Christmas Magic-Powered Guns being pulled in the renamed Bobbley Palace. It seemed like Bobbley was the only person who could hold the system together. The ideas that Bobbley made clear nearly collapsed in the face of mass starvation on behalf of the population. After all, who would send out the toys? The role seemed to originally fall to Bobbley, but luckily, another figure stepped up.

Rudolph was a general in Claus's army, his secret weapon for getting through the dark night. Due to an incident in the crib, Rudolph's consciousness came with a constantly glowing red nose. Ostracised by his fellow reindeer originally, Rudolph entered the military, where he got his nickname of "Red Nose". He built up connections within the revolutionary movement, and found himself being rapidly attracted to their ideals. Being noted by Santa to help lead through the dark nights, Rudolph was prematurely promoted to General. While at the head of the pack, none of the other legendary "Reindeer Generals" trusted Red Nose, as he came to be known. On that night in 1917, Rudolph planted the bomb that killed Claus.

Bobbley quickly came to know Red Nose after learning he was the one who incited the Six Day Revolution. Rudolph gained a lot of influence over Bobbley, and promoted the idea that toy production should continue as not to scare off the outsiders who knew about the micronation's existence. He also blockaded Bobbley's many friends, inciting the old man to believe that they could not be trusted. Additionally, he took the toys out on Christmas for the children of the world.

On July 16th, 1925, Bibbley Bobbley died. Red Nose quickly came to power, and his first pronouncement was that REST would be recreated into the Revolutionary Syndicates. Red Nose's second pronouncement was for enemies of the republic to quiver, for they would come for them. Over the next five years, Red Nose enacted a reign of terror which took hundreds of lives.

However, something was brewing. Red Nose had one friend in the old reindeer generals, and that was Dancer. Dancer Reindeer reached out to Rudolph in his days of isolation, and was the only person he could truly call a friend. Dancer was the only former reactionary that Rudolph allowed around, living with him in Bobbley Palace.

However, Dancer had other friends too. Five years after Red Nose assumed power, Dancer shot him in his sleep, and announced to the public the next day that the tyranny was over. She pronounced that the Claus family would return... soon! Eventually! Once they found where they had been exiled to. This was not met with great enthusiasm on behalf of the public, but they put their guns down years ago, and got prepared for a lifetime of hard labour. There was one problem: Dancer couldn't find the Claus's heir. A seven year search began, but all possible members of the family were either not willing to come back from protection on behalf of foreign powers, or had been mindwiped with what little the Americans knew of Christmas Magic.

As Dancer searched, society fell into disarray. Strikes began once more, bigger than before. Elf creation slowed down to a crawl. There seemed to be nothing to stem the tide of social collapse. As the sun dawned in June 1937, it seemed that there would be nothing to help them. Which is where the Americans came in.

The Americans had been aware of the micronation for a long time. The Claus family had established relations with each US President, and gained their trust. President Woodrow Wilson ordered intervention, in the interest of keeping the Americans happy for Christmas. And in the Republic's moment of great need, President Franklin Roosevelt ordered a meeting with the Aviator Amelia Earhart, and she agreed to a plan.

Earhart would be appointed "Governor" of the North Pole territory, and she, each year, would fly the gifts around the world. And so it went. Each year, Miss Earhart has flown gifts to children, spreading endless joy. But what of the workers? Well, that, children, is another story.

I'm confused.

Shut up and go to sleep.
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Pratfalling into a puddle
I arrived early for a talk with Chris and Tony Banks. Michael Foot let it be known today, or rather it was known as a result of his refusing nomination for the Party leadership, that there would be a leadership contest, and Tony, who has just been newly elected for Newham North West, offered to stand down so that I could have his seat and be eligible to contest the leadership. I wouldn’t hear of it. It would be manipulative and I wouldn’t contemplate such a thing. But I have never known anyone make such a generous offer before. - Tony Benn, End of an Era: Diaries 1980-1990
"...I mean, Banksy, have you seen what Kinnock has been saying? We need Tony..."

"...Who in the lord's name would allow him to do that? Does he think he can pull this off? It's not like he'd win the leadership anyway..."

"...upon criticism of undemocratic procedure, Banks has said that the people of Newham North West had voted for Benn's ideals..."

"...and party headquarters won't fucking lift a finger, you can bet on that! What made you think this was a good idea?"

"...I am a social democrat. Benn is a Trotskyist. Your choice."

"...and there's no chance, no hope, no nothing! The bloody Alliance have all the damn doors knocked! We're on the road to a second Bermondsey!"


"And once again, the Left goes down in glorious defeat."


Woke up, Sheeple
Pratfalling into a puddle
Shuffling The Dicks: A Chicago Switcheroo

Mayors of Chicago
0000-1979: Richard J. Daley† (Democratic)
1979-1983: Edward Vrdolyak (Democratic)

1979 def. Dennis H. Block (Republican)
1983-1984: Richard M. Daley† (Democratic)
1983 def. Wallace D. Johnson (Republican)
1984-1984: Michael A. Bilandic (Democratic)
1984-1991: Harold Washington (Independent)

1984 def. Michael A. Bilandic(Democratic)
1987 def.
Terry Gabinski (Democratic)
1991-1995: Jane Byrne (Democratic)
1991 def. Harold Washington (Independent)
1995-1997: Eugene Sawyer (Independent)
1995 def. Jane Byrne (Democratic), Edward Vrdolyak (Republican)
1997-1998: Eugene Sawyer† (Chicago Party)
1998-2006: David Orr (Chicago Party)
1999 def. Ed Burke (Republican), Jane Byrne (Democratic)
2003 def.
Aloysius Majerczyk (Republican)
2006-2010: Rahm Emanuel (Direct Federal Administration)
2010-0000: Lori Lightfoot (Chicago Democratic)

2010 def. Danny Davis (New Chicago), Daniel Solis (Republican)

Writeup hopefully to come


Woke up, Sheeple
Pratfalling into a puddle
What's the Chicago Party's deal? Are they the Anti-LaRouche party?
the idea i had is that the democratic machine tries desperately hard to hold on for longer, so the chicago party emerges as this kind of left-wing populist party, mostly voted for by chicago african-americans following the ideals of harold washington

Kaiser Julius

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I don’t think La Rouche could have been nominated, let alone elected, let alone twice. Looks good otherwise.
LaRouche did shake up Illinois politics. And the plan was for him to get arrested by COINTELPRO, commuted, then become the Dem Governor of New York.